/fran • tre • pre • neur/ - a person with the desire to become a franchise business owner and the ability to follow a proven business system for the benefit of his/her own personal and professional gains.

The Frantrepreneur Mentor helps folks just like yourself, to quickly find and match you with the ideal franchise; one that fits who you are, will work well in your area, you'll enjoy operating and have the opportunity to be highly successful at. Some clients call us a "Franchise Match-Maker". In addition, as a franchise consultant and advisor, I mentor, coach and support you throughout the entire franchise process with regular coaching, communication, mentoring and advice.

New business owners are wise to pursue the franchise model, as it has proven to possess an excellent track record and a very high probability of sustained success.

With my A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 30+ years experience helping people to find the perfect business, authored several franchise papers, been interviewed in People and appeared on KWRD-FM radio station's business program - American Success Stories, as well as being networked with people who have written books and standards for the franchise industry, access to funding resources, I believe that I can provide you with a very solid team to help you reach your goals of financial independence. Here are a few more facts about what I can offer you:

  • Largest selection of 'A' and 'A+' franchise opportunities.
  • Widest range of investment choices.
  • Highest % of applicants awarded.
  • Single and multi-unit ownership.
  • Area and Master Franchise territories available.
  • Financial options.
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the franchise research and validation process.
  • The ability to utilize your retirement plan without having to pay taxes or penalties.

From a process perspective, we will talk via phone to obtain your goals and some further preliminary information to be used in matching your desires to suitable choices. The better I understand you and your goals the better my recommendations will be. We will then proceed at your pace.

You may read what other clients have said about using The Frantrepreneur Mentor's help to find them the perfect franchise as well as learning more about my service at Client Feedback, The Process, Company Brochure and Using a Franchise Consultant.

From experience with my many clients, I will be able to normally present you with 3 to 4 top franchise recommendations to choose from. If for some reason more are needed, then I will bring you additional options to consider. The overall process in helping you to find the right business and becoming a franchise owner typically takes only 30-45 days and based on the type of franchise chosen, you can expect to be up and running within one to six months after making your selection.

I will never ask you for payment as the franchisor pays my "matching and mentoring" fee. In addition, they do not elevate your franchise cost to compensate me. So my helping you to find the right business as well as assisting you throughout the franchise process is truly a no-cost service to you. Since I represent hundreds of the best franchisors in almost three dozen broad categories at various levels of investment, I am sure that together we can find the right franchise for you. I have been helping people just like you to find the right business for several decades and am very customer service oriented, reliable, an excellent communicator and gets things done for my client. I am confident that you will learn a lot from us working together throughout this franchise project, as well as finding it an enjoyable and rewarding experience to work with me as we proceed to navigate through this important process.

With the Internet, franchisors are bombarded with thousands of inquiries and have many potential candidates to consider. It can take them quite some time to go through all of the applicants. The franchisors know that I bring them highly qualified individuals, so I can quickly get you to the "front of the line".

This will save you a lot of time, frustration as well as reducing the likelihood of you making mistakes as you work with these companies for the very first time. I can usually have you talking with franchisors within the first week of us starting to work together.

With a 97% success rate of getting my clients awarded the franchise of their choice, I am very confident that I will be able to assist you in finding the perfect opportunity and becoming a new business owner!

When you are ready to talk further, please contact me. If, together we feel that you are really ready to become a franchise business owner and are qualified, I will have you fill in the Profile Form and once received, we will get your project started and help you to become a franchise owner within the next one and a half months.

Thank you for your interest.


Ralph Keyslay

"Matching and Mentoring Entrepreneurs with the Perfect Franchise ... FAST!"