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"In working with Ralph it was not exactly what I expected. I had been in retail for 27 years and was ready for a change. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and began working with Ralph. At first, I was a little confused because he was leading me in a direction that was different than what I had in mind. How could someone I had just met know more about which direction I should go in than myself? But after looking over several options with different companies it became clear that he was actually leading me in the right direction. He did exactly what he told me he would do and now I left a six figure job in corporate America where I was at the top of my game to do something out of my comfort zone.

I can say that once I made the decision to leave, I have never one time regretted that decision and now I do not think they could pay me enough money to go back. I am truly living the American dream. Also, Ralph put me in touch with a great company that helped me to reinvest my retirement funds into my new franchise and saved me tens of thousands of dollars. They made it very easy and simple to get my funds without having to pay the taxes and penalties. The whole process worked great and now I have more time with my family and I am getting to do exactly what I want to do. Ralph had asked me about writing this testimonial a couple of months ago. I was not ready at that time because if I put my name on something, then it is fact. To me, integrity is everything and now that I have had time to get my business up and running, I have no problem writing it because what I have said above is 100% true."

Ted B.
Hazel Green, AL

"I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the high level of informational delivery and expert support that I received from 'The Frantrepreneur Mentor', Ralph Keyslay.

He has provided a wealth of knowledge and has been very honest and candid in his appraisal of my qualifications and suitability in acquiring different types of franchises available in my area. He has taken the time to know who I am and what my long and short term goals and desires are and has done an excellent job of matching them to potential opportunities. He is an expert in this field and has brought the almost overwhelming job of finding that right franchise, down to a manageable and understandable level.

I am very satisfied with the results that my working with Ralph has produced and would whole heartidly recommend his services to anyone wishing to begin the daunting task of finding that best franchise for themselves.

Russ H.
Huntsville, AL


"Thank you for your time, effort and patience to help me find the right franchise opportunity. Being a first time purchaser of a franchise, I wasn't sure what to expect; however, your guidance proved to be a tremendous time saving exercise at no cost to me. After we discussed my financial and personal goals, you really helped get me focused on those businesses that really "fit". Thank you for being involved throughout the process and answering my many questions along the way. I would recommend your service to anyone considering a franchise opportunity. I look forward to future success and wish you the same. Thank you! Warmest Regards."

Joe H.
Rogers, AR

"Thank you for all your help; we could not have done it without you! While I can't properly describe all you've done for us, the two most outstanding elements of your support were encouragement and discipline. Your encouragement has been genuine and helped us through our times of uncertainty. Your firm direction of what must next be done at each stage was the discipline we needed. You have been a outstanding coach and we're pleased to say that you're now a valuable friend."

Harold C.
Hot Springs, AR

"If you are looking for a great franchise, don't go it alone. Let Ralph Keyslay guide you. He will filter through the many possibilities and bring you those franchises that are best suited to your likes, talents, goals and budget. Most importantly, he will guide and coach you through the process, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way to business ownership. I could not have done it without him!"

Jeff M.
Cabot, AR


"Ralph, I'd like to say working with you through this process was great! Your responsiveness to my questions and concerns were stellar! I now see why so many other speak so highly of you. Thanks Ralph for all your help!"

Tom K.
Glendale, AZ

"With the waning economy, I found myself unemployed and needed an income. I decided that a franchise was going to be the answer but was overwhelmed by all the choices. Then several weeks ago I came across Ralph Keyslay - a Bona Fide Franchise Consultant. Working with Ralph I was able to focus on opportunities that fit my budget as well as my earning requirements. The assistance was free and the process was painless and focused. I finally settled on a home based business that was best suited to my investment level, my personality and skill set.

Ralph not only helped me with finding a business, but he also put me in touch with professionals that assisted in my funding and incorporation. I would highly recommend this approach to selecting the right franchise for anyone ready to start their own business. It was a smooth and streamline process and Ralph made everything very easy."

Joe D.
Gilbert, AZ

"We are writing to thank you for making our pursuit of a franchise as smooth as we could have ever imagined. Your desire to "match" us personally with a franchise that would help us achieve our financial goals and fit our personality showed you were committed to our success. Your process took us down the path we needed to follow from setting up our C-Corp using our 401k to selecting the type of franchise that fit our financial situation and personality. Ultimately matching us with the right franchise that we feel will provide the income and lifestyle we desire. Your process allowed us to explore different options and you were always available to help us sort through the details. Your consistent follow-up kept our focus towards our pursuit of owning a franchise. The value of your service to us is astounding considering we did not pay you a penny. Thank you again for your help and support throughout the process and we would certainly recommend your services to any of our friends and family that are considering purchasing a franchise."

Tom and Alicia H.
Peoria, AZ

"While exploring options to own my own franchise, I met Ralph, The Frantrepreneur Mentor. Ralph is a true professional and has tremendous experience in franchise business consulting. By listening to my needs, he quickly helped me to identify businesses that would meet my personal and financial goals. I am now the proud owner of my own franchise for the first time in my life. The process was made seamless with the advice Ralph provided and all at no cost to me. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is seriously interested in learning more about franchising ownership and finding the perfect business."

John R.
Mesa, AZ

"Sometimes you just have a wish that you keep buried deep inside and you’re not sure if it will ever be realized. Then the universe sends you someone that has the ability to make your dreams come true and that also helps you to understand how those dreams can be be specifically accomplished and in a tangible way. For us, that was Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor.

Ralph is a consummate professional. The experience we had working with him was an absolute pleasure. He gets to know you and what your are passionate about and matches you with the best franchise for your individual needs. Then he really helps you every step of the way. He is your devil’s advocate and your greatest cheerleader. He will call your attention to things you did not consider. We truly believe that in the long run this saves you much heartache.

If you are considering a franchise, you should definitely work with Ralph. Not only is he going to help you meet your goals, you will also meet a kind and caring human that you know has both the franchisee and franchisors' best interests at heart. And after all, that is what is is about in the end. It must be a perfect match for both parties.

If you are reading this, I hope you find your perfect match with the The Frantrepreneur Mentor, and I know you will.

With much gratitude."

Emily B. and JoDee T.
Gilbert, AZ


"When we first started searching for a franchise we were looking at coffee and sandwich shops. As we further investigated them, we discovered that they did not quite fit what we were looking for. After some additional research we discovered Ralph Keyslay. Ralph spent time getting to know us, what was important in our lives, what we wanted to achieve, the demographics of the area that we lived in and other factors.

Within a short time, he came up with an excellent franchise that he introduced us to and we continued to look into this concept which we eventually purchased.

Our first month in business we did $12,000 in sales. Our second month we did $20,000 in sales and in our 9th week in business (the first 7 days in January) we booked over $24,000 in business....and with a 52% gross profit margin! Not bad for a $59,000 investment and for a franchise that we could run out of our home.

Ralph - thank you for understanding us, the demographics of where we live and having the vision to be able to have put together an excellent match! As our business grows we will consider adding a second territory and I plan to quit my job and join my wife in our new business. We appreciate all that you have done for us over the 3 months that we worked together."

Tammy and Rob S.
Temecula, CA

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for everything you have done for me. Looking for the right franchise was not easy. I did not have the time or franchise knowledge to find my match.

You helped me to make the process flow smoother. Your time with me and effort is really appreciated and by my entire family as well. Thank you again for all your help and for coaching me through a difficult time trying to escape corporate America. I am glad I got the opportunity to work with you. I might still be looking for the right franchise if you were not involved. Take care and best regards."

Feras E.
Lake Elsinore, CA

"It is my honor time to know you who had helped me to start my new franchise. With your great knowledge and experience, you did perform awesome work guiding me with finance evaluation, franchisor comparison, and selection. Again, thank you for your hard work."

Bill L.
San Jose, CA

"When we first decided to look into franchising, we wanted to do something that involved food and drink, but with a healthy twist. Of the thousands of companies out there, we were not sure which would be the best fit as well as which ones actually had available territory in our area. Ralph Keyslay quickly narrowed down the search for us to just a couple of top-notch franchises and after further investigation, we decided to purchase a particular business. Thanks for saving us so much time, effort and money as well as connecting us with an excellent company! "

Lloyd F.
Torrance, CA

"I appreciate all the help and guidance you provided for my dad and I in regards to franchising. It was very educational and a great experience to work with you. I learnt a lot from you throughout this process. The way you explained things were very easy to understand and most importantly you were a good listener. You knew exactly what we needed and you found us a terrific franchise. In future, if we run across anyone who wants to get into a franchise, we will absolutely refer them to you!.

Thanks you for everything."

Phuong T.
Oakley, CA

"Ralph - It is my great pleasure to share my positive experience working with you. You are kind, professional, very articulated person and your match-making skills to find a proper business for each individual is very unique. I had a wonderful time working with you. Thank you!"

Natalya G.
Foster City, CA

"I was recently informed that I was being corporate downsized. With this notification I decided I no longer wanted to rely on a corporation for my livelihood. So I found Ralph and asked him if he could help me out in finding a franchise that best fit my personality and skill set. The initial interview was very thorough and from that point on I knew Ralph would take care of me. He did it is a very supportive, not pushy way. I enjoyed the process and I feel I have made a new friend along the way. I recently purchased a franchise and will be attending training shortly.

Ralph, my family and I thank you for supporting us through this very difficult time."

Steve G.
Placerville, CA

"After having been laid off from my job, I decided that I did not want to go back to the corporate world. Researching on the Internet for several months brought me no closer to finding the ideal franchise. I then discovered Ralph on December 3. He was very informative and patient with me. Ralph indicated that it usually take about a month to help a new client become a new franchisee. I told him that I wanted to enter the new year knowing what I was going to be doing. So we started working together and he accelerated the pace to try to fit my time line.

Ralph was great to work with; he really took the time to understand who I was, my goals, my likes, experiences, the area where I lived etc. Once he introduced the franchise that he found for me and that I liked, he stayed by my side the whole time, coaching and advising me...right through to my visit with the franchisor. He even introduced me to a company that rolled over my IRA to fund the new franchise without having to pay the taxes and penalties; this saved me almost $30,000! On December 21, only 18 days after we started, I purchased my franchise and am ready to start the new year.

Ralph - thanks for all your great help, ideas, coaching and wisdom; couldn't have done it without you!"

Dan C.
Pitman, CA

"Ralph was able to match me up with a superb franchise! The business was a great match for me as I was able to include my daughter and several family members in helping me to run my new franchise. The profit margins are really high and the product/service is quite unique. We are looking forward to fantastic results with our new business. Thank you for helping us to find a fantastic company!"

Tom K.
Temecula, CA

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ralph Keyslay when I decided to make the commitment to open my own franchise. Ralph was never pushy nor did he ever try to "sell" me. He laid out the options he felt would work best for my individual needs by asking the right questions and really listening to what I was saying. Because of his experience he was able to answer my questions even before I knew to ask them! I was very fortunate to work with Ralph and know that he is always a phone call away and that the relationship is not over even though I have found the perfect franchise for me! Thanks Ralph, I could not have done it without you!"

Ingrid H.
Santa Rosa, CA

"Just wanted to take some time to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort you afforded me as I looked at franchise opportunities. The extra mile you went to answer questions that were important to me helped me a lot in making a decision to go forward with a franchise and gave me confidence in you and the business I was considering. You gave me straight forward answers and perspective about what I could look forward to. Being motivated to succeed and having a good work ethic are great attributes, but much time can be wasted without the guidance of an experienced mentor and franchise match-maker to help make the best decision. That's where you came in Ralph and performed your job very well! Thanks for helping me find my niche."

John W.
Escondido, CA

"Thank you very much for introducing me to the franchise company. This is a concept I did not know existed and would never have found on my own. This will allow me to finally be free to live where I wish. This gets me back on track to move to my property in the mountains sooner than imagined. With your guidance I was finally able to take the step to real independence. The dream of starting my own business was just that for many years. You helped me to find the perfect business and to realize that it can be more than just a dream. I just finished training and I am more jazzed than ever to get started. Thank you again and let's keep in touch!"

Steve B.
Sunnyvale, CA

"I found Ralph Keyslay while I was looking at franchises and financing options. I wasn't even aware of franchise consultants (match-maker). He gave me a call and we hit it off immediately. If I hadn't run into him I'm positive that I wouldn't have gone through with ANY franchise. It was overwhelming and quite daunting - sifting through all of the different industries and material out there. With Ralph's help we quickly narrowed our search to one particular franchisor in a very respectable field with great earning potential, strong support and superb training. I would highly recommend to anyone looking at franchise opportunities to seek the help of Ralph. His honest coaching, advising, and years of experience put my mind at ease. Within 4 weeks of working with Ralph I bought a franchise, started training and plan to be fully operational in another 4-6 weeks.

Ralph - Thanks so very much for your guidance and knowledge! Without you I would still be surfing the web, looking for the right franchise or given up on the whole idea."

Michelle G.
Brentwood, CA

"It has been pleasure working with you on my franchise selection. You helped me find not just a business, but the "right" franchise business. You listened to desires, goals and objectives: Understood my strengths and weaknesses and helped focus my search. You presented me with opportunities that matched my requirements. This was not done in one or two conversations, but in a series of steps over time, trying out concepts and further refining criteria each time. The time savings were immeasurable to say nothing of frustration I avoided had I tried to do this on my own."

Ross C.
Alameda, CA

"I'd like to share our wonderful experience with Ralph Keyslay.

Ralph came to us by mere chance. At first we had trepidation in dealing with what was essentially a complete stranger. When he contacted me, I came close to terminating the call figuring that it was just another solicitation. His professional, courteous and vast knowledge of the franchise industry, and the ability to listen, grasp and understand our investment needs immediately caught our attention and peaked our curiosity to learn more. We were hooked. In the weeks to follow, Ralph garnered our complete trust and confidence to assist us in our investment franchise choice. He spent considerable time coaching and counseling us.

Ralph did an outstanding job of partnering with us to find the right choices and walked us through every facet of a process which was completely new to us. He made intelligent choices for us and presented things which we'd never even have considered. Ultimately, he steered us to where we are today. We couldn't have found these options without him.

For anyone interested in finding the right franchise business, we'd highly and without hesitation, recommend Ralph. He is truly a Franchise Match-Maker!"

Rick and Cathy S.
Temecula, CA

"I want to express my gratitude to Ralph Keyslay for helping me find my new franchise venture. When I crossed paths with Ralph, he caught my attention and I felt he could help me with a new business opportunity. When he reviewed the important criteria that I had in a business, his answers, experience and insight had great impact on my decision to move forward in the discovery process. Ultimately, I purchased the franchise and after going through training, I finally have a business of my own. Thank you Ralph for all your help and guidance!"

Jade L.
Mission Viejo, CA

"I have to say that answering the phone call from Ralph was probably the biggest game changer in my career. I had no idea what I wanted to get into, but I did know that I wanted to work for myself.

Ralph provided me with a wealth of information and has been very transparent about what to expect in regards to making a choice on what type of business to pursue. He took the time to understand what was important to me and with that knowledge came back with some excellent options.

I am now leaving my six figure income in the corporate world to pursue an opportunity that is exactly what I wanted.

Ralph is skilled in his field and would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a franchise opportunity."

Don B.
Belmont, CA

"Thank you for all your help Ralph. My wife and I came into this looking at a pizza franchise and quickly figured out that it would not work for us at that time. You have pointed us down a path with a franchise business that we feel will work for us. We want to thank you for all your help with the other franchise opportunities that you showed us and then finally the opportunity that we settled on.

You were very informative on anything that we needed and answered any and all of our questions and concerns. Your help with everything from the start has helped us greatly on our decision to go forward with this opportunity and are looking forward to speaking with you in the future.

Thank you very much!"

Nate and Stephanie F.
Bakersfield, CA

"Ralph, thank you very much for your insight in referring me to the master franchise opportunity. You made the process much easier for me. You truly do understand what it takes to purchase a franchise. Your dedication and experience surely made the whole experience far less complicated. You referred me to the most knowledgeable people in the industry. For that I am grateful. Anyone looking for a franchise should surely utilize your talents!"

Ken H.
Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you for your assistance Ralph in helping me maneuver through the franchise process. Your experience and guidance made it easier to focus on what was really important to me.

As you recall, when we spoke for the first time, I was prepared to make a decision with another company. You were able to uncover a couple of key factors that played into my decision by presenting me with another option. After doing my due diligence on that option, it was just a better overall fit for me.

You were more focused on what was right for me and gave the time and space to make my decision. The time frame from our initial conversation to my first day in training was exactly 30 days. Thank you again for being on top of your game and helping me out."

Jim O.
San Diego, CA

"Working with Ralph Keyslay, "The Frantrepreneur Mentor", was an incredible experience to say the least. I was looking to get out of corporate America after 20 years and wanted to find a franchise businesses of my own.

Ralph went above and beyond in assisting me to find that right opportunity. First, he took the time to get to know me, my interests, my family, hobbies, etc. and then tailored his approach to franchises that might have been of interest to me. His work ethic is incredible and he cares about his clients. I felt truly blessed to have found Ralph.

Fortunately I found a fantastic opportunity and was able to purchase my own master franchise. Ralph coached and supported me though the entire experience. I will forever be grateful to Ralph for what he was able to do for me and my family."

Greg D.
Oceanside, CA

"I would like to thank Ralph Keyslay for his help in finding me the best franchise. He was very thorough in evaluating my character, skills and goals in order to find a business that matched what I was looking for. He was dependably accessible, professional and always did what he said he would do. Thanks again."

Dominic B.
Carlsbad, CA

"Ralph...thank you for many things but especially for being very transparent and fully honest, for getting the facts to me and definitely working with me as a friend."

Luis C.
Hawthorne, CA

"Thank you for your assistance in finding me a great business and getting me accepted as a franchise owner. I found your handling of the process to be very professional and helpful. I may reach out to you from time to time for advice."

Steve R.
Nevada City, CA

"Right from the start you took the time to get to know me, what I was looking for and ultimately found the best franchise that fit what I was seeking. I came into this franchise venture green as can be, but each step along the way you were there to help me and also eased my anxiety as I was about to make such an enormous life changing decision. Thank you so very much for all of your assistance, mentoring, guidance and support. I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking to become a franchise business owner."

Michael P.
Orange, CA

"I had a franchise consultant; Ralph Keyslay. He did an excellent job in finding me what I wanted and delivering exactly that. He didn't overwhelm me with options. He listened to exactly what I needed and gave me concepts that he thought would be the best fit. He was able to listen and understand what I wanted. Thank you to Ralph Keyslay for helping me find a great franchise! I would 100% recommend Ralph to potential franchise candidates."

Click here for a video interview with Dave.

Dave R.
Laguna Niguel, CA

"Ralph offered straightforward advice and franchise options based on the parameters I shared with him. He also provided me with valuable information and referrals regarding essentials like financing and business insurance. 5 Star recommendation!"

Rick S.
Winchester, CA


"Ralph Keyslay helped me find the perfect business to fit my needs. I like Ralph's friendly and down to earth style with a 'what will fit you best' professional attitude. I would recommend Ralph to anyone searching for a business franchise to invest in."

Bill H.
Nunn, CO

"When I first decided to look into franchise opportunities I was at a loss. I knew nothing about franchises or how to go through the process of gathering information. Researching on my own was time consuming and frustrating. Ralph responded to an inquiry I made and I'm glad that we connected. He asked questions and took the time to learn about me. Ralph made great suggestions and assisted me throughout the entire process.

Thank you Ralph for your time and patience during my decision making process. I am excited about my new venture and will keep you posted on how things progress."

Anne S.
Lakewood, CO

"I want to sincerely thank Ralph Keyslay for helping me discover my venture as a Master Licensee in the Colorado/Rocky Mountain region. He listened to my unique situation, my wants and needs, and we set a course to success in very short order. Ralph has the knowledge, experience and resources to help people become successful in the fast-paced world of franchising and licensing.

Thanks Ralph. I know we'll work together in the near future and make things happen."

Rod B.
Denver, CO


"Well, I started business as a master franchisee last week. It is all very promising and I expect to have fun and success with it! A great way to finish up my life's work.

When we started looking at franchises a while ago, you did a qualifying procedure on me that was as interesting for me as it was for you. After you completed your exploratory work you returned with a few businesses that might be a good match for me. Then started the fun part.

I enjoyed discussing the various options that were available and selecting the two that were the most promising in terms of my interest level. You played a significant role in that regard as you had good experience with those persons active in the businesses and what the work might entail. I don't think you would represent a business for which you don't have an understanding. I know I won't do that myself in my role as a master franchisee in my new business. As we approached the first franchise I was grateful for the coaching and support you provided. That is the difference between a job interview and a franchise interview in which the candidate has prior knowledge of his audience. The job interview candidate really doesn't have very much to go on.

As we explored the first opportunity I discovered a second benefit to using a franchise consultant - immediate feedback. That feedback, which I received at each step of the process, was instrumental in being able to prepare for a well-planned subsequent discussion. I appreciate very much all the help you provided in that regard. By the time I went to discovery day I had a very good idea of what to expect. I was awarded the franchise but subsequently decided that this was not quite the one.

But I did not have to go back to the beginning. Having been through the process, I already had financing in place, had the business model set up, knew how to maneuver a little more quickly and knew what to expect. Having already explored other opportunities, we were able to quickly look at other options. We went through the same process on another business and we hit. That is another big advantage of using a consultant. With plenty of options to choose from, there is always a business to select that fits the candidates' desires and coaching from you along the way makes a big difference!"

Mark C.
Southport, CT

"Ralph Keyslay, the Frantrepreneur Mentor was just what I needed, exactly when I needed him. He took the time to listen and understand me as a person. He guided me through the business selection process until I chose the business opportunity that was right for me. Ralph was able to provide support, advice, feedback and resources that I had to have. I'm excited to be a first-time business owner and Ralph was a great facilitator.

Thank you Ralph!"

Billy N.
East Hampton, CT

"My husband and I started looking for a franchise on our own 10 years ago.

Recently we were contacted by Ralph who helped us immensely by acquainting himself with our interest, skill set and listening to us thoroughly. Once we decided on the franchise we wanted, he coached us through the process, all the way through to signing our franchise agreement.

Having searched for a franchise on our own with no success, we would highly recommend you seek the assistance of a franchise consultant. Working with an expert such as Ralph, will reduce your search time tremendously, not to mention the frustration, as with his connections and experience, you have the ability to look at several targeted opportunities all at once and decide which one best fits you and your goals."

Thank you Ralph!"

Diane P.
Norwalk, CT

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services recently in helping us to find and identify a business opportunity that fit our needs.

We were impressed with your process from the very beginning where you worked to learn about us, our likes, strengths and inclinations. Your process was very methodical, and you really took an interest in who we were and what types of business would be good for us. You helped us to identify strengths...some we didn’t even realize we had. We especially appreciated your low-pressure approach, giving us time to digest the opportunities you presented us and guiding us through the process of narrowing down the field. This took some time because all the opportunities you presented were good matches for us. We never felt any pressure to move when we were not ready and you helped us through the process asking good questions to help us reach a conclusion.

We always felt as if we were working with a mentor who was genuinely interested in a good outcome for us! As you know, we did finally reach a conclusion, which we feel was absolutely the right decision for us and we are forever grateful for this very professional service you have provided us! I am very happy that we engaged with you on this journey and look forward to our ongoing relationship."

Dan P.
Southbury, CT

I would highly recommend The Frantrepreneur Mentor to all people who are in the market to purchase a franchise business. The owner, Ralph Keyslay, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right franchise business that met our objectives and criteria. He is a dedicated professional with a great personality to work with.

He was prompt in returning phone calls and was always willing to help. He showed a great deal of initiative in offering ideas and suggestions in all aspects of the business purchase process. He even offered creative ideas regarding our company name, logo and slogan!"

Mike T.
North Haven, CT


"I would like to take a minute to express how easy Ralph was to work with, as well as what a great resource he was. When he contacted me I thought I knew what I wanted to get into, with much tact, he got me in touch with the company I was interested in. He also showed me other opportunities, in a very professional effort to help me find what would be the best fit, based on information I had given him.

Thanks to his diligence I came to realize there was much more out there than I thought. He was very forthcoming throughout my mental process and helped me to find a concept that was absolutely perfect. I feel lucky I wound up in his hands. He has a wealth of resources at his disposal and he was not shy with them or his time. I would recommend him without reservation."

Raymond M.
Middletown, DE


"Without your help Ralph, my husband and I would still be sifting through all the packing and shipping businesses to find the right one. Thank you Ralph for helping us find P.A.S.S. We are going to be opening our store at the beginning of next year which is a dream come true. Thanks a million!"

Brenda and David M.
Eustis, FL

"I had been living in Michigan since 1982 and then recently moved to Florida after retiring as an engineer from the automotive industry. I was looking for a new career and decided to explore the franchise industry due to its high success rate. I wanted to do something that provided a service to home owners and was using the Internet to help me do my research. With so many options out there and all the fancy advertisements it was very time consuming and difficult to really get under the covers and find out what any one particular franchise was all about. They all seemed good on the surface. But were they? Would they really fit me, who I was, where I lived, would I enjoy it, be successful etc.?

Many of the franchises didn't get back to me in a reasonable amount of time ... sometimes I never heard from them at all. I suspect it's because of the huge numbers of inquires they receive and try to go through. During my research, I came across Ralph Keyslay and he explained how he would help me to find the perfect business, as well as assisting me in the franchise process and coaching me throughout my encounter with the franchise companies.

After about a week, Ralph identified a franchise that was available in my area as well as of great interest to me. He introduced me to the company and then stayed with me throughout the whole process, guiding me, helping me and being a true coach. Towards the end of the process, things ground to halt as an issue came up with the company that the franchise representative was not able to move forward for me. As far as I was concerned the project was dead in the water. Ralph quickly realized this and stepped in to help. Fortunately, he had a great relationship with the vice president of the franchise company. Within 24 hours, as the go-between, he was able to help resolve the issue to my satisfaction and the outcome was truly a win-win. He helped me to find the ideal franchise, coached me throughout, helped me with the process and assisted in a time of crisis. All this ... .and his service did not cost me one cent nor did it elevate my franchise purchase! If I had found the franchise myself (and I doubt I would have ... at least within a reasonable amount of time), it would still have cost me exactly the same. So Ralph's service was truly a zero cost to me.

I am really happy now, having found the right business that I can focus on and be successful at. If you are looking to find the perfect franchise ... quickly, efficiently and have the help of someone that is not biased and is truly looking out for your best interest ... Ralph's your man - I whole heartedly recommend him!"

Harry I.
Marco Island, FL

"Just a quick note to thank you for all the help in choosing a franchise. We had been looking at another type of franchise when you brought to our attention the V2K franchise we ultimately purchased. If it had not been for your attentive listening and understanding of our talents we may have purchased a franchise that was not an appropriate fit for us. We are excited about our new venture and truly owe you a debt of gratitude. You went way beyond the call of duty!"

Carol and Barry A.
Tampa, FL

"Ralph Keyslay was instrumental in finding the right business for me. He was able to take my talents, likes, and dislikes and help me sort through them in order to find what I would best be suited for. Ralph had no problem in giving me the time I needed to come to the correct decision for me. Whenever I needed him he was there for me. I would recommend anyone looking for a franchise to work with Ralph because his only concern was what would be in my best interests."

Steve S.
Aventura, FL

"I always wanted to own a business and have had one in the past, but never a franchise concept. I visited a franchise convention in Miami, Florida. I learned a little about franchising and there were a lot of concepts that I got interested in. I had made a decision of making a career change and I was eager to pick a concept and run with it.

I started my due diligence process with several franchises, but none of the concepts presented really clicked with me. I was getting ready to consider the purchase of a franchise concept for which I attended a discovery day, when I received a phone call from Ralph Keyslay as a result of a recent inquiry that I made. From the start, I felt very comfortable with Ralph, because as a franchise consultant, he was more interested in learning about my business and franchise needs as well as my life goals, rather than just selling me something.

During our first meeting we talked for about two hours. Based on what I explained to Ralph during that time, he felt that I was a good fit for Master Franchising. I had no idea what Master Franchising was, let alone that the concept even existed. Ralph introduced me to several Master Franchising concepts and later called to see if I had any questions and to make sure that I had connected with the Master Franchise company. Ralph further explained the Master Franchising concept and continued to guide me through the process. Ralph was available any time that I needed to talk with him. When we would schedule a half hour meeting, we usually talked for about two hours just because Ralph took the time to go over every detail and make us feel comfortable with the whole process. Ralph is a great franchise coach and advisor!

We are very thankful and pleased with Ralph's help and support throughout the entire franchising process. Ralph's mission is to help people find a franchise that will work well in their area, one that they will enjoy operating and be very successful at. This mission statement holds very true with us, since we found with Ralph's help and support, the franchise concept that we are very eager and excited about.

As a professional, Ralph's professionalism and follow-up is exactly what I would expect out of a sales and business professional.

Ralph - thanks a lot for your ongoing support!"

Felix and Myrna D.
Weston, FL

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for being such a great person and coach! Without your experience and help, it would have been almost impossible to find and research the perfect franchise in a short time frame. Thank you for taking the time and guiding me through the whole process with the franchisor. You are a true coach.

I would recommend anyone that is looking into a franchise, not to take another step until they have had a conversation with Ralph. The knowledge he will share with you will be very valuable...and all without cost. You will not regret the time spent with Ralph.

Having a coach next to you, throughout the process, connecting you with the right people in the industry, advising you, give you tips, playing devil's advocate, acting as a sounding board, teaching the dos and the don'ts, giving you the inside perspective on what franchisors are looking for and much more, is absolutely priceless.

Without your help and knowledge, I would still be searching for that dream business. However, today I celebrate a new beginning in my life and it is all thanks to you Ralph.

You became part of my family since the day we started our relationship as I knew from the beginning you were for real and you demonstrated this all the way through our franchise project.

Today, I'm a new franchisee thanks to you and all your help. Please remember, whenever you are in Miami, drop by to say hello and come see my new business. I wish you and your family all the best, from the bottom of my heart."

Omar G.
Miami, FL

"Thank you Ralph for helping me to find and research the perfect franchise opportunity.

I had contemplated starting a business of my own for quite some time before getting down to it in earnest with Ralph. He had said that it would take about a month to find the right business and become a franchise owner and sure enough it took exactly 28 days from start to finish! I had found what I was looking for - a superb company with a great earning potential, excellent training and very strong franchisee support.

My only regret is that I spent so many years thinking about starting a business ...I wish that I had met Ralph sooner and did something about it long ago. But as they say...better late than never.

Ralph, thanks again. I look forward to sharing my success story with you as it unfolds."

Gerry R.
Tampa, FL

"When I met Ralph, I was a salesperson for a transportation company. I was completely fed up with the corporate world and ready to get out.

I came to learn that Florida was the #1 state to franchise in, but with so many options it was very confusing. Ralph promised to help me with the various options, find me a concept quickly and stay by my side throughout the whole process. That he did.

When I got very close to purchasing the franchise, the territory became unavailable at the very last moment and so I was back to square one. I thought Ralph was going to give up on me and leave, but he helped to pick me up after my disappointment and we started again. Actually I am glad that things worked out the way they did as the franchise I eventually moved forward with was much better. They say that things always happen for a reason and I guess they did in my case.

Ralph... thank you for everything and sticking with me throughout the whole process. I know that it took several months longer than normal and I do appreciate the time, knowledge, expertise, coaching, advise, experience and everything else you did for me!

If you are ever considering finding the right franchise, you need to talk with Ralph. He will help you and stay with you throughout the whole project no matter what!"

Rich K.
Jacksonville, FL

"I was in the mortgage lending business and that was not going well at all. In the past, I was making a really good living, but more recently, my income had severely dropped and the writing was on the wall - I had to get out now. I liked being my own boss, but wanted to get into a successful, proven business. Franchising was the answer, but with so many options out there, it was difficult going through all the concepts and I knew that it would take a long time to figure out which franchise was the right one for me, would fit my budget, my city, goals and was there even available territory in our area?

I found Ralph Keyslay and he helped me to find the perfect franchise that fit what I was looking for. On top of that, I liked the concept so much, that not only am I going to open my own franchise, but in addition, I became the Master Franchisor for the area and am now also responsible for developing the Orlando, FL territory.

Ralph, I know that this project took considerably longer than normal, but I'd like to thank you for sticking with me, all the late night calls, coaching, advising, mentoring me through this new franchise adventure - I could not have done it without you!

If you are looking to find a great franchise, in a short amount of time, Ralph is your man - he is very a laser beam! Not only will he quickly help you to find the right concept but will also remain by your side throughout the process assisting you as your very own franchise advisor.

Thanks again!"

Jason P.
Orlando, FL

"I was looking to augment and increase traffic flow to my current business by adding a smoothie franchise. You helped me find just the right was a perfect fit and you did it in just a couple of days! It would have taken me months to find this one not to mention that you introduced me to the exactly the right person at the franchise that could help me move this project along quickly. Thanks for all your help!"

Mike E.
Stuart, FL

"I am considering myself a lucky person since the very first moment I contacted Ralph Keyslay regarding a franchise opportunity. I'd compare him to an experienced doctor, who asks you all the right questions and then listens to your answers in order to help you cure your ailments.

It does not happen very often when you are guided through the labyrinth of an unknown world to your exact destination - without stress and fear.

I received my first return call from Ralph on December 30 and after working with him for several days, Ralph brought me several franchise opportunities to consider, one of which I was extremely interested in. After a few weeks of investigation, I made my decision to move forward with this business and signed my agreement on January 28.

Ralph's ability of working with people, giving sound advice, coaching and helping you to find the right business cannot be overstated. I enjoyed working with Ralph and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a franchise.

Thanks Ralph for all your help!"

Valentina W.
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

"Today, we purchased a business with the guidance and expert coaching of Ralph Keyslay. We connected with Ralph during the initial stages of our search for a franchise business opportunity, when he responded to an online inquiry we made. From the first conversation, we felt Ralph understood us, could be trusted to lead us to concepts that were ideally suited to our needs and would be available/accessible to answer any questions we had as we navigated the franchise ownership process.

Even though he presented us with exciting and appropriate concepts right away, we ultimately shifted our requirements. Ralph listened carefully to what had changed for us and practically read our minds by suggesting a new concept we had already been discussing between us and which was perfectly suited to us. His astuteness, easygoing-yet-direct demeanor and clear understanding of the industry made the process streamlined and enjoyable for us. We would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend working with Ralph to anyone ready to own their own franchise business."

Lynn & Craig E.
Jacksonville, FL

"I would highly recommend anyone who is considering starting a franchise business to work with Ralph Keyslay. Ralph is professional as well as knowledgeable and will provide one-on-one assistance to ensure a positive outcome. He even put us in touch with someone to assist us with our financial needs. Ralph is truly a franchise "match-maker"! He pays attention to every detail - no matter how small it may be to ensure every part of the process is handled on time and with accuracy. I can't imagine going through this without Ralph to walk us through every step from beginning to end.

Ralph is a great coach and friend. He offers encouragement combined with his knowledge to make you feel confident about your new business venture. I believe that Ralph Keyslay is an essential part of putting a franchise together and I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering starting a franchise!"

Karon H.
Panama City, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in finding the right franchise for me. You were very thorough and took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for in a franchise and ultimately matched me with my ideal fit. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do because you truly care about your clients and that is what sets you apart. Thank you for your help, continued friendship and support!"

Joe K.
Wesley Chapel, FL

"Upon coming to America from Brazil, I decided to start a new business. I knew that the best fit would be a franchise due to the very low risk and all of the training, support, etc.

When I started to research franchises, I was very impressed with the quantity and variety of businesses available. However, trying to to find a franchise that was solid and reliable was difficult and very time consuming. I was getting stuck with all of the options when I had the great pleasure of coming across Ralph Keyslay; The Frantrepreneur Mentor. From the beginning, he was very helpful and attentive. Ralph helped me not only to find the right franchise in accordance with my lifestyle, budget, a great fit for my community, etc., but also advised me that in order to achieve my long term goals, it would be better to invest in a franchise that I wouldn't have to invest a great deal of money today, yet could grow the business into multiple units over time.

If I would do this again, without a doubt, I would ask for Ralph's help. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in helping people find the perfect franchise. So if you are looking for a franchise business, you will feel very comfortable working with Ralph."

Andrea T.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Ralph Keyslay as a franchise coach. Overall my experience was excellent and I found a true business confidant with Ralph. It was a pleasure working with Ralph and he took the time to really understand my personal goals and how I envisioned my working life going forward. We had many in-depth conversations on my interests and just what would be a good fit for my background and experience.

A franchise business can initially seem easy to understand until you address the real day to day operation and whether it is a good fit for you. I had done some research on my own but a coach was what I needed to help me clarify my own goals and match them to the perfect opportunity.

I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone considering a new business. You will be well taken care of!"

Tony. S
Sarasota, FL

"Ralph was a huge part of my franchise decision process. I’d been interested in franchising for years and Ralph was very patient with me throughout the entire process. He found me a great master franchise opportunity and provided me with excellent coaching, guidance and advice - Ralph was my 'Franchise Wingman'.

I highly recommend Ralph if you are thinking about getting involved with a franchise!"

Keith G.
Sarasota, FL

"Ralph was personable and professional right from the first call. With his vast knowledge and years of experience, he found us the perfect franchise to fit our family and current lifestyle. Thank you Ralph...we look forward to a bright and fruitful future!"

Fred B.
Jupiter, FL


"When I decided to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, so I jumped in right away to do my due diligence on the different franchises that I liked. I also went to a couple of seminars that two franchisors offered in the city where I live. When I thought I had done all my research, I decided to move forward with one of these companies, so I took the initial test, which is really the first step towards becoming a franchisee with this well-known retail food chain.

To be honest, I was really excited, but at the same really nervous. It was a major career change and I knew I couldn't afford to make a mistake on this one; that's why I decided to stop and hire an expert on franchising before making any decisions. I had to be sure I had explored all the possible options within my scope and I also wanted to be sure my scope was right.

After doing a research on franchise experts, I found that Ralph Keyslay had the experience, level of service and commitment I was looking for. The process was simple but thoughtful. On the first interview, I did all the talking. Ralph, wanted to know everything about my background, experience, dreams, strengths and weaknesses. The next time we talked he presented me with different options I had not considered before. So I compared those opportunities with the options I selected before I engaged him. I really made a good analysis of all the pros and cons. By then, I felt much more comfortable about the depth of analysis I was doing towards changing my life.

At the end, I decided to buy a franchise from the options presented by Ralph. He showed me, from the business perspective, a much better option, not only cost wise, but also the potential room for growth was way higher than the first option I thought was good. From my personal perspective, I'm really comfortable with the decision I made. I feel at ease now.

Another good thing about Ralph is that you don't have to pay for their services; the Franchisor does. Great job and thanks for all your help."

Pablo F.
Mableton, GA

"About 3 months ago I took an interest in purchasing a franchise of some sort, with very little success on my own. I realized I needed a professional to guide me through the process. Ralph Keyslay was 100% involved in connecting me with the right franchise. He assisted me every step of the way. I would recommend Ralph to anyone looking for a professional franchise match maker. I will definitely be a repeat client in the future."

Michael C.
Atlanta, GA

"When we first met Ralph, we 'were learning the process'. Working with Ralph was great. Ralph took the time to get to know us and our needs. As we crossed offerings off the list, Ralph was ready with another option. He called regularly and passed on little jewels of wisdom. Without Ralph's help, we might have selected a business that was not a true fit to our personalities and needs. We would recommend Ralph to anyone considering entering into the world of franchising. He definitely 'went the extra mile' and we are grateful that we were able to benefit from his knowledge and experience."

Mark G.
Rincon, GA

"I would like to thank you for all your help on my recent purchase of a franchise. I started off looking at different franchises and begun the evaluation myself, but it was not until I started using your services that I realized the value of getting the help of a franchise match-maker. Your ability to analyze my wants, desires, assets and personally to particular franchises helped me narrow my choices while never limiting me; you were always open, no matter what path I took. Needless to say, the fact that I did not have to pay anything for your services was a plus.

I also appreciate your willingness not only to help make a viable choice, but to help me through the buying process. I think since I was working with you, the franchise company was more willing to view me as a good candidate for their company; they knew you had already done much of the work for them. Because of this, of the many people who express interest in the franchise, I felt that I would be given serious consideration. Thanks for being there from the beginning, through the franchise research, the introduction to the franchise, through due diligence, financing and finally to purchase; it was invaluable."

Marshall C.
Dacula, GA

"This is a note of appreciation to Ralph Keyslay.

I want to thank you for your perseverance, patience and honest manner in which you conducted yourself. In this age there are few people of integrity and I believe you are one of them! I have been in the US for a mere four months, but you shared your own experience as an immigrant which made me feel totally at ease. On speaking to other folks in the industry they all said what a gentleman you are!

I have dealt with many people in my career as a pharmacist, motivation speaker, toastmaster and pioneering discount pharmacy group in South Africa which was the first chain to discount medication in the country. I want to say that every time you phoned you had the right words to be able to make me feel at ease. Please write a book...I will be the first to buy the original.

Your co-workers admire you and quite rightly so - you deserve to be the top in your field ( I am guessing). I cannot wait to start my new career, thanks to you - the greatest match maker on earth (for a marriage I would say - made in heaven!) If there is someone out there looking for a franchise I would highly recommend that they choose you to make the match."

Costa N.
Atlanta, GA

"I decided at the age of 54 that I wanted a business that would allow me to work from home, be a sole proprietor, fulfill my desire to help others and pay me well for my efforts.

My research lead me to Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor, who offered his expertise in matching individuals to franchises. Ralph genuinely wanted to know why I wanted a business and he explored my interests, desires and abilities. With Ralph's guidance, I now have the right business and am grateful.

The process was smooth and successful. I recommend all seeking to own a franchise to most definitely utilize the expertise of a franchise consultant such as Ralph."

Cheryl G.
Stone Mountain, GA

"Thank you for introducing me to the franchise company. Your ability to profile my potential/personality and then match me to a particular company is to be admired. I would not have considered this type of franchise if not for you. I appreciate your knowledge and demeanor while we worked together. I'm going to take the advice and coaching you shared with me to heart."

Aaron C.
Butler, GA

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way - John C. Maxwell.

My husband was a great provider and he worked for the same company for over 10 years and then overnight, my husband was gone. Losing my husband has been the hardest thing that I’ve had to endure. This loss made me realize that I needed to create a legacy for myself and my children. I wanted to hold onto a part of my husband for the sake of our children. I wanted my children to have a piece of him. Hence, the idea of a business was born, but the reality was that I did not know much about what I wanted and needed to do.

So, I went online and completed forms for what seemed like every franchise on the web and then ran into Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor. Ralph was very knowledgeable about the franchising world. We were able to have authentic conversations about what options to explore and never felt pressured; he was a true consultant and had my best interest at heart. I wanted something that I could be passionate about and did not have the luxury of trying to start something from scratch that ultimately might not work.

Ralph understood my concerns and recommended only companies that were reputable and had a successful track record. Ralph had personal knowledge of all the franchises that he recommended which reassured me that I was in good hands. With Ralph by my side, I was always a step ahead; I knew what was coming and how to respond when working with the franchisors. I knew how to find information, what questions to ask and how to express my thoughts and emotions throughout the process.

Yes I was awarded and accepted into one of the franchises that Ralph had recommended. They are everything Ralph had said and more. I am excited and looking forward to training. It has been a pleasure having Ralph lead me through this new path and help me through the ‘franchise jungle’. He knew the way, he walked the way and showed the way.

Thank you again!"

Maggy JP.
Woodstock, GA


"I spoke with Ralph Keyslay about helping me find and become a franchise owner. The process has proven so far to be everything that he said it would be. He was extremely informative and really wanted to learn about me and my goals. The information that he provided helped me look deeper into franchising to assist me in making the best decision for my situation. I'm extremely happy with Ralph's professional approach in helping me make a life changing decision. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking into becoming a franchise business owner...he is the best!"

Jeff W.
Iowa City, IA


"I had just exited a good job at a great company. However, I felt it was time to part ways with my partners. Not knowing what the next move was, Ralph took the time to get to know me in terms of what fuels my professional passion. He is a great coach that listened to my story. Not only did he listen to me but he truly took it upon himself to go the extra mile for me by guiding me through the franchise process from initial options all the way to funding. My wife and I were awarded a franchise last week in the industry we wanted and I have Ralph to thank! Ralph told me exactly what would happen and when it would happen during the process. He has the connections to achieve real results for real people. What's more, he knows people and how to match you with the franchise you were meant to be part of. Ralph is the secret weapon we all need need in our corner."

Robert D.
Pocatello, ID


"Let me start by telling you that I was already a business owner when I started searching for the perfect business opportunity for my wife. I knew that the amount of time I'd be putting into the business would be a smaller percentage than that of my wife. So, with that being said I needed to find something that not only would be a great opportunity, but would also have to be something that my wife would be interested in pursuing.

I searched periodically for a two year period, but couldn't really find the "perfect fit". And then it happened! I contacted Ralph Keyslay through an Internet search and the pieces started falling into place. Ralph took the time to learn exactly what I was looking for by asking the right questions and actually listening to the answers. What I mean by that is, he didn't just throw a bunch of ideas at me. He narrowed the search down prior to making any suggestions.

Like I mentioned, I had been searching for 2 years, but wasn't quite sure what would be the best fit. Ralph was key to us finding the ideal franchise. So, I would suggest to anyone reading this, to take a few minutes and let him help you design your future! Ralph can eliminate the two years of searching and wondering what would be best for you and your family. His experience and dedication to your future is unmatched. You will be happy that you took the next step by contacting him."

Jeffrey and Bonnie C.
Edwardsville, IL

"I first contacted Ralph Keyslay a year ago. Ralph and I spoke several times and he found a business that was right for me. We discussed timing and commitments but I had too many things going on at that time to begin.

Now, one year later, things have changed for me and I am now ready to commit the time and effort toward my new endeavors. I remembered the professional way in which Ralph had helped me, so I looked up his telephone number that I'd saved and contacted him again. With Ralph's help, I have found the right opportunity for me and I will begin my training next week.

I am looking forward to a very profitable, rewarding and satisfying experience with my new business. Thanks Ralph, for your professionalism, patience and expertise."

Scott R., MBA
Brookfield, IL

"My husband and I are very grateful to Ralph for all the help he provided us to purchase a franchise that met our needs. Ralph consistently kept us on track, without making us feel pressured at any time into making a decision. His support and knowledge of all the necessary steps far exceeded our expectations."

Ana and Diego U.
Barrington, IL

"I'd like to take a few moments to recognize the support I received from Ralph Keyslay in helping me select the right business.

I was interested in franchising and I responded to an Internet site concerning packaging franchises. Ralph called me the next day and we talked about my interest. I told Ralph I was interested in acquiring a franchise with a major packaging company. Ralph explained to me some problems they had encountered and suggested that I look at an alternative company. Ralph linked me up with that company and I received all of the data I needed to make a decision concerning the company. I elected to pass on the opportunity due to some personal issues but I did check out the major packaging company and sure enough Ralph was correct; they did have some issues.

Ralph continued to stay in touch with me and he occasionally sent information that fit my profile but I was unable to leave my position. Then Ralph sent me information on a particular concept that I could do part time and also get my wife involved. I called Ralph and expressed an interest. Ralph detailed the opportunity for me and gave me the necessary resources and individuals to talk with to make a very informed decision. Ralph stayed in close contact with me during my evaluation but never pushed me on a decision. I have made the decision to join that business opportunity that Ralph showed me. I would not have found this opportunity nor made this decision without the support and guidance of Ralph Keyslay."

Paul L.
Saint Charles, IL

"I am very excited about starting my own business. I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance throughout the process of engaging with the franchisor. My goal is to be very successful and I welcome your mentoring and input as I develop my business. I consider your help invaluable and I will be soliciting your assistance as I move forward."

David C.
Homer Glen, IL

"Earlier this week, my wife and I undertook initial training for our new franchise business. When you and I began our discussions, I was ready to do something but had not yet found the right opportunity. At no time during working together did our conversations ever involve a "hard sell". Rather, it was a comfortable, low-keyed discussion exploring options which evolved into the "right" answer for us.

We appreciate your efforts and thank you."

Jim H.
Lake Forest, IL

"I am very excited about starting my own business. I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance throughout the process of engaging with the franchisor. My goal is to be very successful and I welcome your mentoring and input as I develop my business. I consider your help invaluable and I will be soliciting your assistance as I move forward."

David C.
Homer Glen, IL

"I was first introduced to Ralph Keyslay when I was at a crossroad in my life. I just had suffered a position elimination in Corporate America after 25+ years of service and was deciding if I wanted to go back to doing what I had been doing or venture out on my own and tackle a new adventure and have control over my own destiny. Late one night I was browsing possible franchise opportunities when I saw Ralph’s offer and clicked on it for more information. He called me back the very next morning.

From our very first call, I felt we clicked. Ralph was very patient listening to me tell my story of how it was I came to find him asking many questions along the way. At the end of my story Ralph wanted to know more about me and what I enjoyed doing, what my interests were where I would like to see myself in the future. At the end of the call he said he had some ideas and would be in touch some possibilities. At that moment I knew I needed to pursue a new adventure in my life versus going back to doing what I was doing before.

Ralph called me back the very next day with several different opportunities. He carefully went through each one giving me all the details. After he was finished, he asked me to rate each of the opportunities on a scale of 1 to 10 for my level of like; any that I decided I didn’t feel I would be interested in and rated lower than an 8, we eliminated. This left me with a few options to pursue further. None of the companies Ralph presented were ones I saw on my own by doing online searches. They seemed to me to be “higher quality” franchises. Ralph helped put me in contact with each company and after each phone call, Ralph and I would talk. If I wanted to continue the process Ralph would coach and prepare me for the next call by giving me insight for what to expect to keep moving forward or if I decided the company would not be a good fit, the appropriate manner to end the process correctly with the company just in case in the future I changed my mind and wanted to move forward with them.

After several weeks and phone meetings, I have made my decision on the company I want to partner with. Ralph has helped me more times than I can count. He always makes himself available and makes you feel like you are his only client (which you are not). When you feel things are spinning out of control or have questions, Ralph is the person I reach out to calm the waters and bring things back into perspective. He listens and will give you alternative ways of looking at or thinking of the situation in a different light that many times you might not have thought about on your own.

Ralph is like having an uncle that has a lot of knowledge, experience working in the franchise and entrepreneur world, who loves sharing what he knows because he knows the benefit of working for yourself and the rewards that you can achieve by following your dreams. Ralph reminded me that when you're part of a franchise, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself; the franchisor is always there to help and support you. I am so glad I have found Ralph, having him as part of my team and I look forward to working with Ralph for years to come as I develop my business.

Oh, one more thing, Ralph introduced me to a company that was able to help me use my 401(k) to fund the purchase of the franchise without having to pay any taxes or penalties...that saved me a lot of money!"

Diane W.
Carpentersville, IL

"After successfully working in corporate America for over 30 years as a Senior Manager and after consulting with my wife, we collectively decided to change course. I finally had enough of the demands of working for others and decided to use this opportunity to pursue something entrepreneurial. Starting a business was something we wanted to do and after learning that only a small percentage of small businesses survive after one year, compared with franchising that had a much higher success rate, our decision was made (franchising). Our motivation was also to create a legacy that we could pass down to our children.

We started the process independently of a franchise consultant (matchmaker) and kicked off our search by speaking with a variety of franchisors. What we noticed very quickly was that each franchisor (in all sincerity) was saying the same thing, which complicated the search for us. With this said, my wife and I decided to seek a franchise matchmaker/consultant, which is how we connected with Ralph Keyslay. We were very impressed with his years of experience and knowledge of the franchising world. Ralph had us complete a professional profile and also a personality assessment which helped him identify franchising opportunities that would be a match for us. After identifying franchise opportunities that he thought matched our goals and would be a good fit for us, Ralph introduced us to the concept of Master Franchising and after a couple of months of investigation we decided to move forward with this opportunity...this was a great match! We are in the beginning stages of building a franchise network in the Healthcare Services industry.

from search, to match, to discovery, to understanding the franchise disclosure agreement process, to our finally signing the franchise agreement...I would even consider him a life coach! He armed us with questions to ask, the dos and don'ts, and helped us to navigate other areas of the process including discussions with the franchisor. He also provided us with additional resource options for funding the franchise start up investment through SBA loans and a 401(k) rollover program that allowed us to use our retirement account to fund the franchise without having to pay taxes and penalties.

Ralph is a great resource and I would work with him again if another venture or opportunity presented itself, although I know this is a perfect match for us that will keep us busy for quite some time! I will also refer other potential franchisee candidates to Ralph in the future, as I know they will be in superb hands."

James B.
Chicago, IL


"From our initial phone conversation and follow up email, I knew that you would help me to find the ideal franchise - you did not disappoint! Your presentation and knowledge were very professional and complete in giving me a clear understanding of the franchise company and the role of the franchisee. I look forward to being a business owner. Thanks."

Tom B.
Kokomo, IN

"My wife and I were so lucky that our paths crossed with Ralph. Ralph is a franchise-matchmaker! My wife and I were a little skeptical at first but throughout all of the conversations with our franchise-matchmaker we understood that he had our best interests in mind.

The service that Ralph provided to us was FREE for us to use! Yes FREE!! Once Ralph had given us several options on franchises, my wife and I picked one that fit our lifestyles best. It was a very big investment for our lives and Ralph was still there to answer and coach us through all of our questions even though we had already picked the franchise we wanted.

The whole process was amazing and Ralph held our hands and explained all the ins and outs of the franchise world. That in itself was well worth us paying for him even though he was FREE for us to use. This my families first franchise and I couldn't feel like were in better hands than working with Ralph (a True Super Franchise-Matchmaker)!!

If you are reading this and thinking of using a franchise-matchmaker my advice to you is use the Free Service they offer and hopefully Ralph is your matchmaker!!

With Warm Regards."

Steve C.
Fishers, IN


"I began exploring franchise opportunities via the web. I hooked up with an experienced person who took some time to get to know me and what I wanted to do but something was missing. He would point me towards one of his companies from the list that he represented. Then I would go through the interview process alone. I found myself back doing more exploration on the web, on my own, and luckily came across Ralph in this process.

I explained that I already had someone I was working with and he still offered to spend some time with me. A couple of hours later, he was tossing out ideas that finally made sense and the connection I was looking for. The missing piece for me was to be able to do more than just purchase a franchise license in my city. Master franchising was the fit I was looking for without ever knowing it.

In addition to spending more time with me than my kids do, Ralph attended every phone call I had with prospective franchises and their representatives. I could also count on at least one if not more, check in calls every week. The difference between Ralph and the other consultant I was working with was tremendous. I really believe that he has a vested interest in my success and wanted to earn his fee by making the best partnership possible for me and the company I eventually signed with. Ralph is a true professional and is definitely a great choice in helping to explore the world of franchise opportunities. He knows it is more than your money at stake."

Richard A.
Overland Park, KS

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your great help in guiding us through the process of finding the right franchise. We appreciated your years of experience as a franchise matchmaker and your assistance coaching us through the whole process was extremely valuable.

I also wanted you to know we really benefitted from you as a liaison with the franchisors too. As you know, we also used your recommendation with regard to financing and would have never known about such options without your advice.

I'd certainly recommend you and your services to anyone trying to navigate the maze of deciding on the right franchise. Thank you again for your great coaching."

Jerry N.
Overland Park, KS

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Ralph Keyslay while pursuing a new career choice. Overall, I found Ralph to be extremely helpful and responsive to my calls and questions. He took the time to coach me through the process of selecting my new business, was prompt in returning my calls and answering all of my questions. He even put together a list of questions to help me when talking with other franchise owners.

Given the no-pressure approach and professionalism that Ralph demonstrated throughout my process, I would highly recommend anyone looking for the right franchise to utilize Ralph's services."

Tim H.
Shawnee, KS

"I recently purchased a franchise and if it wasn't for the help of Ralph, I would still be trying to figure out how to proceed. His expertise and experience was extremely helpful when trying to select the right business opportunity. Ralph did a great job of getting to know me and understanding my background. He was able to present opportunities that through my own research did not show up on the radar. I could go on and on about how instrumental Ralph was in guiding me through the decision making process. His patience and no pressure approach was truly appreciated during this life changing experience. I strongly encourage anyone considering a franchise purchase to utilize Ralph’s expertise."

Randy S.
Leawood, KS


"I just wanted to say that my experience working with Mr. Keyslay was extremely wonderful. He helped me make an informed and "pressure free" decision on the type of business I wanted to start. He was very knowledgeable, and honest. He made sure to separate his opinions from facts. He allowed me to ask any question at any time and answered them in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend his service not only to my family members, but to others as well. Mr. Keyslay took his time in getting to know me and didn't try to sell me from the beginning. I think his experience and patience are great assets to the service he provides."

Knute M.
Shreveport, LA

"I want to thank you for your helping me find a franchise that was RIGHT for me. It didn't take you long to convince me that I was enthusiastically about to get involved in something that would turn out to be time consuming, labor intensive, and costly. As a retired dentist, this was not my goal. With your guidance, advice and follow-up, the match with my new franchise business was a rapid and smooth process. I would be happy to recommend you and your services to anyone. Keep up the good work."

Gary S.
Baton Rouge, LA

"If you are looking for a business venture in the franchise world, then I would like to introduce you to Ralph Keyslay. Ralph is a first class franchise consultant who has mastered the art of learning what you are passionate about and finding the perfect franchise to compliment your personality, budget, life experiences, goals etc.

My 28 year old son and I began talking to Ralph in August but we were not real sure what type of business we wanted to open. I had just retired from the school system and my son was managing a retail store, so we wanted something new and exciting. After a few conversations with both of us, he quickly brought some amazing ideas to the table that we never knew existed.

Ralph guided us through the process with the upmost professionalism while mentoring us and offering great advice throughout the entire process. Now, just five months later, we have a successful new franchise that is already fulfilling both personally and financially.

Thank you Ralph for a life changing experience!"

Shannon B.
Zachary, LA


"Ralph - with my small budget to find a franchise and no experience running a business, I was not sure that I could find the right opportunity. But with your assistance and coaching you helped me get into a great franchise that I am very excited about! I appreciate all your help...thank you."

Kimberly S.
Longmeadow, MA

"Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure to work with Ralph Keyslay concerning a potential franchise opportunity. Having worked in the customer service field for 21+ years, I always appreciate it when you work with someone who excels in this area. Ralph has been a pleasure to deal with and someone whom I feel very comfortable working with. He is a true professional and someone whom I would recommend highly as a franchise match-maker."

David C.
Burlington, MA

"After twenty years of life in the corporate world, I decided it was time to pursue my interest of business ownership. Ralph's astute advice during the due diligence phase and his coaching style were extremely helpful and much appreciated. Ralph is a 'straight shooter' with a sincere desire to help you determine the right business fit for you."

Brian O.
Wellesley, MA

"Ralph has been instrumental in helping me identify a business that matches my strengths and minimizes my weaknesses. His honesty and candor are very important in making the right decision for me and my family. I believe using a "matchmaking" service is the only way to go. Like Ralph, their expertise is to know about all the franchises that are available and he has an in-depth understanding of these businesses as well as making the connection with the right people. Ralph helping to identify the right franchise that was best suited for me, as it turned out, was a different business than I originally thought. By using a franchise consultant, they can help you identify the right opportunity and save you a lot of time and headaches from making the wrong decision. I would strongly recommend Ralph as he has been in this industry for many years and his experience is invaluable."

Josh B.
Medway, MA

"Ralph Keyslay has been a significant mentor to me in deciding which direction to take as I transitioned to a franchise opportunity. He has been extremely available and responsive. His strategic outlook has been critical. Ralph has both a strong knowledge of the franchise business as well as an important perspective in matching skills to opportunities. He has made a big difference for me and I count him now as a mentor and friend."

Phil L.
Acton, MA

"It was a pleasure working with Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor. When I decided to acquire a franchise, I had no idea of what franchises to look at. Ralph gave me several franchise proposals based on my profile and goals. I thought all the proposals were appropriate. I narrowed the choices down to 3. Ralph coached me through the validation process and my Discovery Day visits. Ralph was always there for me whenever I had any questions and made what seemed like a daunting process when I first started, look and feel smooth and easy. I ended up with a great franchise that I feel is a perfect match for me.

I highly recommend The Frantrepreneur Mentor to anyone who is embarking on the franchise acquisition process.

Thanks for all you help."

Kwame O.
Lynnfield, MA

"In general, whenever people choose to consider something new (like buying a franchise) there is a healthy level of skepticism. I had a healthy level of skepticism when I began researching franchises. One evening I began to click on various franchising links and waited for the responses to happen. Out of nowhere Ralph shows up. However, with everything I’ve learned, I now understand that "out of nowhere" isn’t true, let me explain.

Ralph called me the very next day and introduced himself as a franchise consultant. My first thought was, what? Okay, put up the skepticism antenna’s! Ralph, understanding this, helped to quickly make me feel comfortable. He explained that he was like a corporate recruiter. He represents many customers (franchisors) as does a corporate recruiter (companies). They both are paid by their customer to find people like you and me. That immediately confirmed that no money was coming out of my pocket for his services; good bye healthy skepticism. And now that I’ve been through the process, I also understand the need for people like Ralph. There are over 8,000 franchises out there! And now you understand why "out of nowhere" really isn’t true. Ralph’s services are needed.

So, why choose Ralph? Earlier I said, "understanding this" in reference to him understanding my emotional state of mind, as I was taking on something new. Ralph never made me feel that he was being driven by a pay day, but instead focused on my emotional state of mind. He understands and expects healthy skepticism and will diligently work to help you feel more comfortable. He was always available and regularly followed up with me. He guided me step by step through the process. He did so easily and made himself available to personal conversations as well. Be prepared, you will get to know Ralph and he will get to know you.

At the end of the day, a franchise might not be for you. Never the less, Ralph will be with you and supportive no matter what decision you make. So, with that said, you have nothing to lose and far more to gain if you choose to work with Ralph."

Rocco M.
Oxford, MA

"In a few days I will be opening my franchise doors for business. I have so many mixed emotions, but right at the top of the list, is excitement. A year ago, I started out with next to no knowledge about franchising or even knowing what direction I wanted to go in. Ralph was an excellent consultant, analyzing my person, passions and strengths, coming up with various franchise options that fit the analysis and steering me away from potential mistakes, until I narrowed my choices down to two. An excellent mentor and coach, Ralph was communicating with me at every step, answering my questions, connecting me with a company that would allow me to use my retirement plan to purchase the franchise without having to pay taxes and penalties, coming up with tips at the appropriate time and supporting me all the way through. I was comfortable talking with Ralph because I never felt pushed or pressured. Today, I am ever so confident knowing that I picked the right franchise and will truly enjoy what I am doing. I would 100% recommend Ralph Keyslay, if you are thinking of franchising. He is excellent at what he does.

Thank you Ralph for getting me to this point!"

Tete O.
Malden, MA


"Ralph ....thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. The master franchise concept that you turned me onto was really the best fit for my background and I am excited to get started. You were a great coach, always available to take my calls, eager to assist and advise. Couldn't have done it without you!"

Charlie N.
Laytonsville, MD

"Now imagine that some very resourceful individual came along who had taken that same journey many times and knew all the intricacies of the journey. Someone so passionate about what he does that you can feel the energy in his voice. Moreover, imagine this guide was willing to give you his undivided attention and full support to make sure you completed that journey successfully. That's Ralph Keyslay.

It takes a person like Ralph to pave the way just for you. It would have taken me months to find a suitable franchise business and I was overwhelmed by the sheer number that are available. But having Ralph as a coach, advisor, liaison and friend took all the fear out of venturing into a franchise for the first time.

Highly dedicated, caring and responsive, from the first telephone conversation to the first day as a franchisee, you can count on his ongoing support. When Ralph refers you to a franchisor, you know he has done his homework on the company and its management. As such, he is highly respected by the management of the companies he represents.

I consider myself fortunate to have connected with this highly effective Match-Maker and I'm proud to now consider him as a friend for life. Thanks Ralph!"

Mary B.
Crofton, MD

"Making a huge life decision choice is never easy. After 30 years in the IT business, I wasn't sure franchising was the direction I wanted to take.

So many franchises out there and so many broken promises. I decided why not go to an expert; Ralph Keyslay was the answer. With his knowledge and expertise, he quickly pointed me towards some opportunities that would have taken me weeks if not months to find on my own. What I liked most about Ralph's approach was that he keeps you on track, but is not pushy. Following his guidelines led me to an opportunity that will afford me a lifestyle that I always dreamed of.

In addition, he introduced me to a company that was able to help me fund the franchise using my 401(k) without having to pay taxes and penalties.

Thank you Ralph!"

Tim F.
Montgomery Village, MD

"I connected with Ralph Keyslay through the Internet. I had been looking for the right opportunity for several months and had tried with little to no success reaching several franchisors. After speaking with Ralph, his knowledge of the process and professionalism allowed me to realize that allowing Ralph to help me was the smartest decision I could make, after all he told me that he could get me to the front of the line talking to the people who would allow me to open my business. On top of that, the only thing Ralph asked for was time. He needed the time to put me through a process he had perfected over many years helping individuals in the same manner he was going to help me.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Ralph and I had several discussions over the course of several weeks. I was currently working in corporate America where I had exposure to hundreds of businesses and had preconceived opinions on many industries. As a result, I was having a hard time finding the right opportunity that I was willing to dedicate my time and money towards. Since Ralph had taken the time to get to know me, he was able to suggest a business opportunity that I had never heard of, or considered. He explained the opportunity and then coached me through the process, which ultimately led me to opening my own business.

Ralph's ability, behavior, maturity, personality, and attitude are all top notch. I highly recommend Ralph if you are looking to open a franchise and wish to make the right decision with your future.

Thank you Ralph; I consider you a friend and appreciate all your help."

Scott W.
Denton, MD

"I began working with Ralph when my friend/business partner and myself decided we were ready to begin looking into different franchise opportunities but had no idea where to start.

During our first conversation with Ralph, he really spent his time thoroughly explaining the franchising process, asking questions to get to know us so he would have a better idea of what types of businesses we would be a good fit for. After he got an idea of our interests, likes, dislikes etc., he came back to us with a comprehensive list of companies to do some additional research on. As we went through the discovery process of researching each company, Ralph checked in on us consistently to make sure we were on track and provided many helpful tips and advice with regards to different questions we should ask, how we should prepare ourselves, what types of candidates the franchisors are looking for, what turns the companies on and off about applicants, etc.

Ultimately, we decided to go with one of the franchises Ralph suggested and signed the franchise agreement last week. My business partner and myself are so excited to move forward in this new venture and honestly I don't think we would've been able to navigate it as efficiently without Ralph's assistance. If the franchise world is new to you as it was for us, I strongly encourage you to work with Ralph."

Tracee W.
Laurel, MD

"From the very first conversation, working with Ralph was an absolute pleasure. He ensured that he had a full understanding of our needs and circumstances prior to showing us available franchises. He was always there to listen to our concerns and give feedback when needed.

Ralph has a step by step process that teaches the how to's while helping to ease you through the process. I will always be thankful for this process and all the things I learned along the way."

Patriceo W.
Severn, MD


"I contacted Ralph Keyslay about a franchise opportunity that I was interested in purchasing. After just a few phone calls Ralph had me looking at different opportunities that were lower cost, potential for higher income and more in line with my background and skill set than the opportunity I was ready to buy. When I decided with Ralph which opportunity was the best fit he guided me through the process step-by-step completely eliminating the guess work. He put me in touch with the person at the top of the organization and in less than two months I was in a new business. A business I would not have found on my own. The entire experience was pleasurable and rewarding."

Joe W.
Cape Elizabeth, ME


"I found Ralph Keyslay through a web search as I was researching franchise opportunities. Although in enterprise sales for over 20 years, I knew little of the franchise world.

Ralph answered my call and truly became my free coach. His process was thorough and professional and he helped me, and my wife, quickly determine that my experience and skill set, and financial requirements made me a perfect Master Franchise candidate. Ralph effectively brokered my next steps and within 60 days I entered into what I consider to be my last career and my best!

Would I have gotten there without Ralph? As a resourceful person I think I would have, but not near as quickly nor as painlessly as being coached by Ralph.

His professionalism and follow-up is what I expect out of a sales professional as I have led sales organizations in multiple fortune 500 companies and know the difference between a commission chaser and a coach. Ralph is a great coach!"

Dave Z.
Brighton, MI

"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the time and help that you gave me to find the perfect franchise. If I buy another franchise I'll certainly be calling you!"

Brian C.
Taylor, MI

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Ralph. You have guided and coached me to a direction where I am very excited about my future. I appreciate your patience in working with me as nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easy. You were very gracious with your time and your experience really steered me in the right direction, without your guidance I would still be floating through endless searches.

After 18 years with the same company I was naturally scared to make a change. I am glad you stayed with me throughout the process and I look forward to a very successful future. Thanks again!"

Greg C.
Midland, MI

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful opportunity of business ownership. Your timely emails answered most of my questions. I also appreciated the time you took from your busy schedule to answer my remaining questions. Your suggestion of contacting other business owners from the franchise was very useful. I have decided to buy into this program and hope to start by the end of this month. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for the information and encouragement you have provided me during the last several weeks."

Jay M.
Ann Arbor, MI

"I would like to thank you for all your help and coaching throughout the franchise decision making process while I was looking for a business to start. You were very patient and informative as I waded through the options. I appreciate the follow up calls as I went through my due diligence and validation process. I look forward to working with you in the future and I learned a lot about franchising from you. Thank you."

Herb R.
Detroit, MI

"Ralph - Thank You For Changing My Life!

About a month and a half ago I contacted you to have you find me the right match for a franchise. Well, after our discussion, you were able to ascertain my wants, goals and needs. You matched me perfectly to the ideal business, with my background and desires. Also the financial investment was less than what I would have expected to embark on this exciting path.

Thank you Ralph for being AWESOME at what you do."

Rob H.
Iron Mountain, MI

"After working in a factory for 13 years, I knew nothing about buying a franchise. Ralph helped me through each step from start to finish. When things seemed overwhelming, Ralph was able to explain everything to me. He found me a great franchise and I am no longer working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. My family and I are very grateful with all the help.

Thanks again Ralph."

Jason E.
Saint Johns, MI

"For anyone considering the purchase of a franchise and are looking for an outstanding level of guidance and knowledge in the industry, Ralph Keyslay is your answer. For the entire time that I traveled through the process, Ralph was not only available to me when I had a question but he also was appropriate in his follow-up to me during the time period. Ralph is a consultant that will not only direct you in your line of thinking but will also challenge you to think outside of the proverbial box. It is without hesitation that I give Ralph Keyslay my highest recommendation to assist you with your franchise search needs."

Kirk G.
Spring Arbor, MI

"I was first put in contact with Ralph in 2012 when I was in exploration mode, searching for a franchise that fit my skills and budget. At the time, Ralph steered me in the direction of a couple options that seemed like very good fits but I just wasn't ready at the time. I will admit that I was a little difficult and possibly even led Ralph on through the process, but one thing was consistent - Ralph showed nothing but a genuine desire to help me do what was right for myself and my family. There was no pressure, no stress, just a ton of help and encouragement throughout.

Although I did not purchase a franchise at that time, Ralph and I stayed connected and he always contacted me when new opportunities were available that fit what I was looking for. After 2 years he finally found one that stuck! Once I decided that I wanted to get into business, Ralph held my hand (which I truly needed) throughout the entire process. I could call him any time with questions, opinions, and even to express fears of mine and he was always there to give me guidance.

Although I am still in the infancy of my business, I feel like I am truly on the path to success. There is absolutely no way I would feel this confident in my business without the mentorship and support of Ralph. He is absolutely fantastic at what he does but he is an even better human being outside of work. I feel like I struck gold by landing with Ralph and I encourage anybody who wants to purchase a franchise to work with him. Working with Ralph was the best business move I ever could have made!"

Bobby D.
Lake Orion, MI


"Working with Ralph Keyslay has been a positive experience for me. He is a true business professional. More importantly, he wants to make sure you are matched with the right franchise business opportunity. How does he do this? He listens to you, asking relevant questions, performing extensive research and coming back to you with workable options for your franchise interests. He is also quite respectful of your time. He will use the time allotted in honest and fruitful dialogue. The bottom line...Ralph puts your interests first. I have found him to be a person of integrity and honesty. Talk your situation over with him. You won't be disappointed."

Greg H.
Minneapolis, MN

"After four months of searching for a franchise, I received a call from Ralph after an inquiry that I made. Ralph was very personable and we immediately had excellent rapport. I was hoping he could help find the right fit for me. I believed that there would be a good chance he could assist me due to his success with helping many other clients over the years.

Throughout the process, Ralph took the time to listen, ask me many pertinent questions, analyze my situation and provide sound advice. He came back with an intriguing recommendation of an opportunity that met my requirements and upon further research I decided to move forward with that business. I'm very excited to begin my new venture.

If you're looking to find a franchise that fits your goals, I would highly recommend working with Ralph. He has the expertise to help you find a great match."

Colin M.
Eagan, MN


"Ralph was great at helping us find the right business for our needs. We were initially looking at a company that would have cost us a lot more to get started and a long time (if ever) to notice a profit. With his expertise and guidance we found the perfect opportunity for us. He helped us with different ways of financing that would suit our needs. If you are even remotely considering opening a franchise or other business, Ralph is the person to go to first!

Thanks Ralph for all your help and guidance."

Peggy W.
Sullivan, MO

"Ralph was really great to work with. He immediately handled my concerns about using a franchise broker and very professionally guided me to my own 'perfect fit'. He walked me through the process step by step and gave me great information I needed to get off to a successful start. I highly recommend him to anyone considering a franchise."

Ed W.
Grandview, MO

"I want to thank Ralph Keyslay for the assistance he provided me in the identification of a company that could assist me in funding my start-up company. Ralph did not try to push me into a particular decision but rather suggested a particular firm which he has found through the years to be a straight-forward company that specialized in addressing my funding issue. Thanks Mr. Keyslay!"

Brian G.
St. Louis, MO

"My name is Debbie from St. Louis, MO and today I am a proud franchise owner. I began my research online approximately 8 months ago. I had no idea of what type of franchise I wanted, I just knew I wanted a franchise because of the support you get with starting a new business. I talked with at least 50 different franchisors and talked with numerous franchise brokers. I received many emails with information on different franchises, but none of them were a good fit for me and at this point I was confused.

I was on line researching when Ralph Keyslay responded to one of my inquiries. Ralph told me he would like to work with me and find a franchise that was a good match for me. I thought why not, maybe he will come up with something. It was only a couple of days before he got back to me with a franchise that he thought would be right for me and to my surprise, it was perfect! He coached me throughout the whole process and was always there to answer all my questions.

Ralph also referred me to a company that was able to help me use my 401(k) to fund the franchise without having to pay a single cent in taxes or penalties.

I would highly recommend Ralph Keyslay if someone out there is considering using a franchise match-maker to help them find the right franchise."

Debbie S.
St. Louis, MO

"Ralph is an excellent listener and a phenomenal reader of people. In one phone call he accurately assessed my inherent strengths and abilities. He allowed me to do the majority of the talking so that he could discern my hopes and desires. In all his wisdom, Ralph indulged me so that he could get a true idea of who I am and what I wanted to accomplish with my business. The entire time I was talking, he must have been sorting in his mind through the various franchises available. As Ralph allowed me to paint the picture of my dream business, he asked a few key questions to fine tune what would meet my criteria. He must have been eliminating the opportunities that weren't a good fit for me as we were conversing, because by the time I had finished talking, Ralph proposed to me an awesome opportunity that was immediately appealing to me! I was impressed and amazed! "How could he get it right on the first try - right out of the gate?", I asked myself. I shouldn't have been surprised though, because after looking at some other opportunities I had picked on my own, I wound up going with the one Ralph suggested.

Ralph's invaluable knowledge and insights into the franchise industry and what components are needed for success continued to guide me as I proceeded down the road towards business ownership. He helped me at every step and was not obligated or compensated for this ongoing assistance. His only motivation was to make sure I was a success. Ralph was always just a phone call away. I could not have done it without Ralph and I count him as a continuing business consultant, and more importantly, a friend."

Dolores L.
St. Louis, MO


"Just wanted to let you know how much you helped me in my quest to become a business owner. Without your help and guidance I am not sure I would have found a franchise that fit all my needs and cost structure. Ralph - you stayed with my wife and I throughout the whole process, even after you introduced us to the franchise company. You coached and advised us as we went through this unfamiliar process in an objective and unbiased fashion and for that, we are very grateful. You have been a great help and I would recommend you and your services to anyone that was looking for the very best franchise; one that would fit who they were, would work well in their town, they'd enjoy operating and be very successful at. Thanks again!"

Bart W.
Tupelo, MS

"As a new franchise owner, I wish to thank Ralph Keyslay for making me 'comfortable'. From start to finish Ralph was straight forward with all the information that he provided to me, whether it was what I wanted to hear or not. The requirement to pay for the franchise was the only thing that I didn't want to hear, but as we all know, you must pay to play.

Having been in the corporate world for the past 30 years and knowing what I was looking for the remainder of my life, makes me appreciate that their remains a place in this world for productive people. After several telephone discussions and prompt email responses from Ralph, I instinctively knew that I was headed in the right direction. Giving credit where credit is due, I don't think I gave the other two franchises that I considered much of chance, after working with Ralph for about a week.

Prompt follow up and an ease of conversation, the ability not to criticize the competition and a general feeling of confidence from Ralph Keyslay proved to be important components in helping me to decide the right business for me.

Thanks Ralph!!"

Tommy K.
Hattiesburg, MS

North Carolina

"After spending over 25 years in the corporate world, I was ready to become my own boss. I was a systems analyst and was very tired of all the demands that my job entailed, including being on call seven days a week 24 hours a day. After the company that I worked for merged with another company, the demands on me were even more. I didn't enjoy my work any longer and just wanted out!

I always thought that I wanted to own my own business but didn't have a clue as to what kind of business. I also knew that I wanted to buy a franchise, but had no idea how to determine which franchise or even how to get started. During one of my many searches on the Internet, I filled out an inquiry to learn more about a franchise. A couple of days later I received a call from Ralph Keyslay. He told me about his business and how he helped match people to the right franchise company. He was very informative and very easy to talk with. During one of the conversations Ralph interviewed me to find out what my likes and dislikes were, my lifestyle and what I wanted out of owning my own business. Just a few days later he called me and said he did extensive research and came up with 5 different franchise companies that he thought would match what I wanted in a business. I rated each one and decided that the "meal preparation" business was what I wanted to venture into.

Even after I found the right franchise, Ralph was by my side every time I had conversations with people involved with that franchise.

Ralph... you certainly were a pleasure to work with and if it weren't for you, I'd still be dreaming about owning my own business!! Ralph, I consider you not just a mentor during this process but also a friend that I will have for a long time. Thank you, thank you for all of your help and guidance!!

Please contact Ralph Keyslay if you ever want to become a franchise owner!!"

Patricia F.
Winston-Salem, NC

"Ralph contacted me from an Internet survey I completed in regards to make and take franchises. From our initial discussion, he gave me wonderful information and advice. I knew nothing about the process of researching and purchasing a franchise and he helped me every step of the way, from putting me in contact with several companies, arranging and sitting in on all conference calls and discussing the pros and cons of various franchises with me. He was supportive, knowledgeable about the business and a true "coach". I enjoyed working with him and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a franchise."

Erin C.
Raleigh, NC

"We were initially considering purchasing an existing business and at the same time we were looking at what franchises were available. It was mind boggling to see the number of franchises that exist today.

We found Ralph Keyslay through a franchise web inquiry and I was looking for a way to get out of software development in the corporate world and become an entrepreneur. After listening to our backgrounds, dreams, strengths and weaknesses, Ralph became our free franchise coach.

The existing business we were looking at turned out to be a very high risk venture, so we turned all our attention to the franchise choices Ralph had given us. After investigating several franchise opportunities in our area, we found a match and are now the proud owners of a franchise. We may have found a franchise on our own after many months of searching and analyzing, but Ralph the "match-maker" helped us find a franchise and move forward with our lives."

Rusty and Rhonda A.
Apex, NC

"We found Ralph Keyslay to be the 'answer-man' in our franchise search. My business partner and I wanted to find a franchise to start together that would work for both of our personalities and accommodate our families in the present and future. After initial contact was made, Ralph was quick to respond and right to the point. His open and caring nature accompanied by his direct questions led us rapidly down the path to franchise ownership.

After our beginning conversations with Ralph, we were quite interested to see what kind of business he would match us with and he did not disappoint. Our first choice of franchise began to take a turn south due to our personal opinion of the territory option available. Ralph was able to quickly research and step in with another company option that has turned into a winner for us both. He read the signs, gauged our responses during all levels of conversation (conference calls and emails with him as well as points of contact with different franchisors) and he guided us through every step.

We were never uncertain where we stood at the different stages of this process. Ralph talked us through every step so we were prepared for any scenario. There were no surprises which was refreshing when you are dealing with so many different pressures and emotions that come from an undertaking such as this.

In addition, Ralph was and is a wonderful 'therapist'. He was always willing to listen and share his vast knowledge of the business world and franchise ownership. If he was not immediately available, he was incredibly quick to get back to you. We would recommend Ralph to anyone who is serious about owing a business because he will make it happen. Thank you Ralph for all your hard work and commitment to us! We never could have done it without you!"

Jennifer O. and Annette P.
Waxhaw, NC

"Trying to find the right franchise is very frustrating. If you are reading this, then I don't have to go through the details.

Like you, we had been searching for quite some time, running the gambit of what we could afford, how strong was the franchise in terms of financial stability, reputation both in the industry and to whom they served and better still, was it the right "fit" for my wife and I.

Now these are questions that are hard to answer without a lot of research. We were novices at this sort of thing and we were not aware of the pitfalls of scoping out a franchise.

Then, one day we received a call from Ralph Keyslay and it didn't take long to figure out that here was a straight shooting type of guy who made sense. He offered several things that impressed us and one of the first things out of Ralph's mouth was, "Stay away from restaurants". I had to laugh because that was one of the franchise's I was looking into and had gone as far as being pre-approved for an SBA loan (never told Ralph that...too embarrassed).

He told us that he could find a franchise for my wife and I in a matter of days based on several criteria that he required. He assured me that the franchise's that he would find would be outstanding in their field and one that would fit us. That to me was a bold statement but at that point of our search for a franchise, it didn't bother me to try. Below is what he asked:

1. A profile i.e. financial, personal, interest etc....that got my attention, no one had asked us to fill out a personal profile before.

2. Be open to suggestions on franchises that we had not thought of ...OK I'm open!

3. He would interview us and then call back to give us his recommendations in a few days...a few days, I was impressed!

What had taken us almost nine months of searching to nowhere, Ralph found us our franchise in several weeks. It took that long because of extenuations on our part; not Ralph's.

We are now proud owners of a franchise and it is all because of Ralph.

His honesty, diligence and tenacity helped us pick what we believe will be a rewarding business not only in momentary terms but more importantly a fulfilling role in helping people.

Thanks Ralph, you came through for us!"

Ron and Judy P.
Gastonia, NC

"I just wanted to send a thank you for all your help and advice. When you and I first started talking a few months ago I really had no idea where I was heading and what I wanted to do. Now I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for me - thanks to your patience and advice in guiding me. You stuck with me when I had numerous questions and reservations and I truly appreciate all your time and effort. I look forward to giving you updates on my success!"

John F.
Wake Forest, NC

"As the result of an accidental back injury it became necessary for me to make some changes in my life and work. I had run a successful home care agency for years. Although I loved the work, I could no longer physically maintain the travel and marketing schedule my job demanded. My employers let me go. For the first time in my life I was out of work and unemployable. Since I knew that franchises succeed much more easily than any other business, I began looking on the Internet for franchise information hoping I would stumble into something that would work for me. I was afraid my back injury had ruined my life and would prevent me from ever taking care of my family's financial needs. I knew that if I couldn't work for myself, I was going to have to apply for Social Security.

And then I found Ralph Keyslay. Ralph took the time to understand my needs, my finances, and the skills I brought to the table. In short order he helped me find an opportunity that met all my needs and gave me a chance to be as successful as I wanted to be. The opportunity he brought me was a perfect fit. Ralph guided me through the due diligence process and made every effort to answer all the questions I asked and many I didn't know enough to ask. Currently, I am waiting for my initial training so I can start my business. Once again I am confident that I can provide for my family and do work that allows me to be a productive member of society. Ralph thought he was helping me find a franchise opportunity. He didn't know he was saving my life.

Not only would I recommend Ralph, I already have. I can't imagine moving so quickly on my own. It would have taken me months to do on my own what Ralph, as a franchise consultant, did in days. I can't imagine doing this any other way."

Ann C.
Greensboro, NC

"As a retired educator, I was looking to continue my career of helping families through education. I contacted Ralph Keyslay with many questions over a five month period about becoming a franchise owner. Ralph has always been open and honest about the opportunities along with great advice to someone just coming into becoming a business owner. I look forward to my upcoming training."

David H.
Morganton, NC

"Hi Ralph! I just want to say thank you for being such an excellent coach/mentor/Franchise Match-Maker, from my franchise inquiry through and up to the day I signed the franchise agreement. You provided wonderful insight into the whole process which prepared me right down to the last interview. Your vast experience and relationships with franchisors helped optimize my personal selection for our unique situation.

Again, Thank you!

Love, Peace, and Blessings!"

Dennis and Linda M.
Nebo, NC

"Ralph Keyslay has been instrumental in helping me to identify the right franchising opportunity for me. Not only did he help me identify the opportunity, but he also coached me through the process of understanding and vetting the business that I selected to purchase. He consistently made himself available to answer my questions and repeatedly checked in to ensure I was comfortable with the process.

Ralph's wealth of knowledge in franchising and his willingness to share his own insights and experiences helped me to determine the best path to take and develop a plan to get the resources I needed. It has truly been a blessing to work through this process with Ralph and I look forward to maintaining a business relationship with him."

Lebone M.
Durham, NC

"I really enjoyed working with you Ralph and especially your prepared documents that allowed me to read and reflect on each stage of the process. You have it all well thought out and combined with your experience and advice, I found working with you of great value. Thanks for all your help!"

Dave W.
Mooresville, NC

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me find the right type of franchise that works for me. I appreciate how you were able to listen to my background and instantly directed me to a master franchise opportunity. The hand holding during this process by you and your honest feedback is something I will never forget. I truly want to thank you again and I will be reaching out so you can mentor and help others. Ralph, I truly appreciate you and all of your help. Thank you."

Kasandra S.
Wendell, NC

"I would like to recommend Ralph Keyslay as a Franchise Consultant for any individual who is in search of a franchise. I am very happy with the purchase of my new business, especially because I am in my early fifties and finally took the leap of faith to work for myself.

Ralph understood me very well and took in consideration all the aspects I love. I was tired of working hard to make somebody else’s dream come true. I was seeking a career change, wanted to be my own boss to make more money and have flexibility in my schedule. He provided excellent service and attention to detail to ensure that my needs were met. He is very talented and helped me to identify the franchise opportunity that was suitable for my lifestyle, experience and budget.

Furthermore, Ralph has excellent communication skills and followed up throughout the total acquisition process from start to finish. He demonstrated an ability to use a multitude of resources in order to deliver the best results. He will diligently help you find the best franchise opportunity for you based on your needs and current situation.

Therefore, I would like to recommend Ralph Keyslay to anyone who is looking for a franchise opportunity to run their own business and to branch out and grow. I am extremely happy with my purchase and the service provided by Ralph. I intend to continue my relationship with him in the future and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial affiliation. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is seeking first rate representation."

Juana L.
Clayton, NC


"After working for others and being mistreated as an employee, dreading to return back to the workforce after having a baby, I decided that I wanted to be the employer instead of the employee. In comes Ralph!

Ralph is a Franchise Match-Maker and has been helping match clients with franchise companies for several decades. He asks question, listens to the candidate, recommends several options and then makes appropriate introductions to various franchisors. He really knows his stuff! Ralph then helps you to get ready for your first "date" and "holds your hand" throughout the entire process...right to the finish line.

Thank you Ralph for helping me fulfill my dreams in becoming a BOSS!"

Madison C.
Bennington, NE

New Hampshire

"Thanks for all your assistance and guidance. I value how you helped me with through this process, above and beyond the other broker I worked with. You gave me insight into how multiples and master franchises work as well as financing options. Additionally, you took the time to work through the process and think about the everyday workings that I would be involved with to make a specific franchise work. I would be willing to send franchisee candidates to you in the future."

Buddy G.
Peterborough, NH

"I was just approved by a franchisor to start a franchise and I will give much credit to the franchise coaching provided by Ralph Keyslay. Through my decision process he provided me with valuable information on financing, franchise alternatives, dealing with franchisors and worked with me step by step. Ralph is sincere, personable, knowledgeable, thorough and follows up on whatever he says he will do. He identified resources that I can call on to help with my business and even provided a potential customer. I highly recommend Ralph and will continue to stay in touch with him."

Dale K.
Bedford, NH

"Ralph, my family and I thank you for the 'gentle nudge' that turned into a life changing event! Your ability to understand what I was looking for even before I knew what I wanted was truly inspiring. Your role as coach and fiduciary has been the compass I needed and something that would have never happened if I tried going it alone.

Thanks again for being there every step of the way!"

Jim H.
Portsmouth, NH

"Ralph from The Frantrepreneur Mentor has been instrumental in helping me find my new franchise. He is one of the most thorough business people I have ever worked with. Throughout the process, Ralph intuitively addressed any concerns I had and was always there for guidance when the process slowed down or I needed assistance on a particular step.

Immediately upon speaking with Ralph, it was evident that he was the right person to work with. He also has excellent industry contacts for financing and even helped me to use my 401(k) to purchase the franchise without having to pay taxes and penalties.

In short, if you are considering purchasing a franchise or just want more information on franchising, look no further than Ralph at The Frantrepreneur Mentor."

Mike M.
Windham, NH

New Jersey

"We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your assistance in connecting us with EME. Looking for the right franchise was not easy and we did not have the time nor franchise knowledge to find the right meal prep business. Our own research produced a lot of companies and ideas, but your guidance and insights saved us so much time and effort. It really helped us focus in on the strongest brands which have the most profit potential and avoid the brands which did not offer the potential for growth and income we were looking for. We loved EME so much that we decided to become master franchisors - even though we did not initially set out to do so!

It's not every broker that truly has our best interests at heart. You helped us to make, what we feel, is the right decision based on our many conversations about our goals and desires. Your time and effort with my wife and I is greatly appreciated by the both of us! Thank you again for all your guidance and coaching and for helping us to break free from corporate America!


Hisham and Hedy Z.
Monroe, NJ

"Ralph - you were wonderful to work with! You really helped my find the right franchise. You worked with me tirelessly and answered all of my questions...even when I called you several times a week, in the evening and we'd speak for an hour plus! I can't thank you enough for all of your help, coaching and guidance. I would recommend you to anyone looking to find the right franchise."

Frank F.
Green Brook, NJ

"I would not have found the perfect franchise without Ralph's help and guidance. I was very impressed with the entire process that started with getting to know me, my strengths and interests so he could match me with the right franchise. His service is invaluable and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in search of a franchise business. I would not do it any other way."

Tina R.
New Brunswick, NJ

"After looking into buying a franchise for well over a year without any success, I found Ralph Keyslay. Within one month, you found the perfect franchise and helped me to become a new business owner. Ralph - you are the true 'Franchise Matchmaker'.

Thank you so much!"

Keith D.
Vorhees, NJ

"I would like to share my experience working with Ralph and how much I have come to appreciate his mentorship. When I lost my job after expending 23 years with the same company and being promoted many times in the process, I was left with many uncertainties. I was not sure if I wanted to search for a new tenure dream job or just invest in myself and become my own boss. Nevertheless, after spending some time with Ralph on the phone and getting to know his steps of mentoring, I knew right away that I was ready to become a Franchise owner. He said, "don't worry, I will hold your hand throughout the process to make sure you make the right selection. My service to you is free and you do not pay one cent more for using my help. I will spend as much time with you as needed to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision". He was true to his word.

After a simple questionnaire evaluation and discussion, he researched and brought back to me several franchise opportunities suited to my interests, which we then discussed. After I selected several of them, Ralph then made introductions with those franchisors. I never felt rushed or pressured into making a decision, yet he brought up the pros and cons of every selection and helped me choose appropriately. Even more so, he even assisted with funding options to start my business and he was always a phone call away to answer all my questions.

Ralph was such a pleasure to work with and he is truly knowledgeable, we even shared common interests and will keep in touch for many years to come. So, if you are looking to find the right franchise out of the several thousand options that are out there, great advice, knowledgeable coaching and proven results, you should talk to Ralph Keyslay. He and his mentorship will be exactly what you need to make the right choice and will guide you through the process as you become a new franchise owner."

Jorge M.
Howell, NJ

New Mexico

"Working with Ralph has made all the difference. I was looking for an opportunity that didn't require a lot of capital because I'm young and don't have a lot of money. I was concerned about how much it was going to cost to work with Ralph, especially because I know that consultants can be expensive. Ralph reassured me that there was no cost in working with him. He answered all my questions, moved forward only when I was comfortable, encouraged me, and really worked hard to discover what was important to me. Only when he had a clear understanding of what was important did he make recommendations, and like I said, he moved forward at my pace. He answered all my questions as well as questions from my wife. Working with Ralph made it easy to find the right opportunity amid the multitude of options. He made the process, options, and choices clear and easy.

It was a pleasure working with Ralph, timely, and if I had it to do over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Thank you Ralph!!"

Richard L.
Deming, NM


"I would like to say thank you for helping me to achieve my dream of owning my own franchise business. Having my own business is something I've wanted for many years and for one reason or another, it just never seemed to happen. As I was searching for a franchise I discovered Ralph Keyslay who in the end, made my dream a reality. Ralph was very professional in helping me not only find the right franchise, but introduced me to the right people at the company and helped me throughout the process making sure that things went smooth for me the whole time.

Ralph called me once and had a concern that I was letting things slip away, based on what he was hearing from the franchisor. He had a little pep talk with me and in no time I was back on track. Without that phone call I probably would not have my business today. I was able to call Ralph at any given time with any question and he was always available with great advice. Ralph checked in on me several times throughout the process whether it was just an email to see how things were going or a quick phone call. He even introduced me to a company that showed me a way to use my retirement plan to purchase the franchise without having to pay the taxes and penalties.

I would recommend Ralph Keyslay to anyone looking for a franchise of any kind. Ralph has been in the business for many years and has many contacts out there to help your dream become a reality."

Steve G.
Elko, NV

"Just a quick thank-you note to let you know how grateful I am that I worked with you to help me find the right franchise.

With the knowledge you have of all the franchises out there, I really feel confident I have made the right choice. You are truly a real professional and a valued friend for the rest of my life."

Craig M.
Sparks, NV

"I'd like to start off by stating how grateful I am that I came across Ralph Keyslay. My partner and I had been looking for a franchise opportunity for several months. We wanted to start a business that would allow us to make a real difference in people's lives, while building a legacy for our own family. Having been inspired by taking care of my father during his last days, we came across some companies that were doing non-medical home care. The nature of this type of business and the inherent responsibility that comes along with it were considerations that we did not take lightly.

As we narrowed our search down to just two companies we began to feel a sense of unease. Some of the things we were hearing and seeing made us doubt if we were making the right decision, so we began to seek out more information.

From the very first time I spoke with Ralph, I realized two very important things. Firstly, he was an advocate for me, and secondly that he really knew his stuff! When I explained my experience up to date, he was quick to let me know that I did need more information and he supported me in taking the time to do the proper research - with no pressure. This was a relief, to say the least! I knew right then that he was going to take me by the hand and guide me through this process, and that he not only had my best interest at heart, but had the knowledge and experience to help me avoid any and all pitfalls.

He was honest and asserted the upmost integrity with me at all times, in the most gracious manner possible. And I grew to trust him, because he told me the truth even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear. That is always a quality I admire in others.

At the end of the day, I am so grateful that he was there to help us as we made one of the most important decisions of our life. Oh, and by the way, we did not go with either of our original candidates. He was able to put us in front of companies that we did not even have access to during our research. As a result of that, we found the perfect company for us. We believe that the company we chose truly wants to see us succeed and that their vision, integrity, and purpose perfectly mirrors our own.

I would recommend Ralph Keyslay to my own mother if she wanted to start a franchise, and I recommend him to you as well. If you want to find the best company to fit your personality, budget and vision and want someone with the know-how and experience to get you there, then you have come to the right place."

Lisa W.
Las Vegas, NV

"I sold two medical companies and retired early in life. During my retirement, I got a lot done on my bucket list and found myself looking to get back into the business world. I really didn't want to reinvent the wheel again so I went on a 4 year hunt for a franchise that would be the right fit for me. I was at the end of the search for the right franchise when I decided to look for a consultant that might help me. I found Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor. He took his time to listen to my story and through his great understanding and knowledge of the franchise industry was able to help me.

He found an opportunity that was the perfect fit for me. I am now the owner of a franchise business and am excited to be back in the business world. I also found a great resource in Ralph and a friend in the industry."

Michael B.
Genoa, NV

"I am so happy to have found Ralph Keyslay when looking for a franchise! I knew I wanted to own my own business and I have owned a few very small businesses in the past. I became interested in a franchise because I wanted to have my own business, while also having support.

So, I called Ralph, we talked and he found out what my interests were. I had a lot of ideas about a lot of different franchises and he was able to explain them and help me decide on one that would be a great fit for me.

I am so thankful that he helped me all the way through the process. I highly recommend Ralph to help you find the franchise of your dreams!"

Julie T.
Las Vegas, NV

New York

"Ralph Keyslay was very helpful in finding the right business for my wife and me. He carefully listened to what we were looking for and quickly came back with a great opportunity we did not know was available to us. He was also very helpful in guiding us through process after we made our decision. His knowledge of the industries available and more importantly what is right for his clients made our transition from employee to business owner a lot easier. He was and continues to be very responsive to our needs as we continue to grow our business!"

Todd and Carla W.
Port Washington, NY

"Just a brief thank you for your guidance and assistance in helping me choose my new career!! Your thorough and thoughtful approach certainly made the process much simpler and helped to expedite the process as well.

I also appreciate you introducing me to a company that was able to help me use my retirement funds to purchase the business without having to pay taxes and penalties."

Debbie D.
West Islip, NY

"I was referred to Ralph by the president of the company that Ralph is part of, who praised him as one of the best consultants in the network. I was looking for a new business opportunity after several months of unsuccessful job hunting in a very tough market. Because I had always wanted to run my own show, my wife suggested I consider buying a franchise, which we both felt was safer than starting from scratch.

Ralph recommended a few franchises including one in telecommunication consulting that really resonated with me. During the 2-3 weeks I spent investigating the opportunity, Ralph was always there to make sure I stayed on track. When I ended up nixing the telecommunication consulting franchise, Ralph didn't give up, but pulled yet another rabbit out of his hat - suggesting that I consider an alternate opportunity.

This time he nailed it. Ralph saw that with my years of experience as an independent management consultant, my analytical bent, a desire to help others and my passion for entrepreneurship, this other concept would be an excellent fit for me. Thanks to Ralph's insight and persistence, I am now off on a new and exciting career."

Mike B.
New York, NY

"Ralph, it has been a pleasure dealing with you over the last several weeks. You have been a tremendously helpful and informative resource as I explored various business opportunities. In particular, your insights into the industry that I was interested in were quite insightful. Your understanding of the business was crucial in my decision to invest and move forward. The more I researched and networked within the industry the more I learned of the high regard in which you are held by your colleagues.

I am also quite pleased with the referrals for professional services that you provided. I received responsive and competent guidance and service in the organization and financial structuring of my business.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you and look forward to an ongoing professional and lucrative relationship."

Dwight L.
Arverne, NY

"I had the pleasure of working with Ralph during my search for a franchise opportunity. From the very beginning, Ralph was a consummate professional. He did a terrific job of matching my experiences/goals with available opportunities and I did purchase a business that came recommended to me by Ralph."

Steve L.
Babylon, NY

"So here I was, after my job was shipped overseas, I had been laid off from the only employer I had known for 35 years. I was too young to retire and too old to reasonably start another career, so what to do? I also had a very large 401(k), but not really large enough to retire on.

I found Ralph and he started asking me a bunch of questions about my ideas for owning my own franchise. He also sent my wife and my self a questionnaire to help him find a perfect fit for us. There are literally thousands of franchises available to purchase. All the way from gas stations and restaurants to maid services and watch repair. Ralph was able to bring that number down to about four that would be good fits for us.

Ralph also connected us up with an organization who could legally take my 401(k) retirement plan and use it to invest in my franchise. So we are now happy franchise owners. Its been a great experience. My wife is quitting her job soon and we will be working together with our daughter on this new venture in our lives. Wish us luck!"

Mark J.
Pittsford, NY

"I want to thank Ralph Keyslay in helping me with my search for a franchise. After talking with Ralph, he started to research some options. Within a couple of days he brought back 5 different franchise opportunities for us to discuss and I decided to check out 3 of the businesses.

After talking to all 3 franchises, I decided to focus on the one that I was most interested in. Ralph called me throughout this whole project to make sure I was getting all the info I needed. He gave me helpful questions to ask along the way and guided me through the process. Ralph also helped me with funding options so I would be ready when the franchise was awarded.

I'd like to thank Ralph for his knowledge and helping me to find the right franchise; I would never have found or thought of this particular business. If you are looking for the perfect franchise, I would highly recommend working with Ralph Keyslay."

Don M.
Rochester, NY

"I found Ralph to be an exceptional individual and a valuable, very straight-forward partner, in what was a life changing decision for me.

As we reviewed the different franchise opportunities, Ralph really helped me to zero in on what I wanted, without pushing me in any one direction. He was at times, a mentor and always a sensible person that I could bounce my thoughts off of...and he has a real interesting back-story to boot!

I am grateful to have met Ralph on my journey to business ownership. I would whole-heartedly recommend his help to anyone that is fed up with the corporate world and wants to change their life by starting a franchise business!"

Andy A.
Northport, NY

"Ralph Keyslay was terrific to work with! I had searched for information about franchises but was backing away because I wanted something part-time. I discovered that Ralph has a terrific reputation in his industry and as soon as I mentioned his name, it seemed that the path was smoothed out for me. Ralph found me a great business and I am so happy that I worked with him

I would strongly recommend Ralph. Thanks again!

Robert H.
Schenectady, NY


"My job was unexpectedly downsized and I decided I wanted to go into business for myself. I thought gathering information about franchises and then going through the rest of the process would be simple. I was right only about the ease of gathering information. I was overwhelmed with the hundreds of franchises available and the information I did find was vague and confusing. After only a short while, I was discouraged and wondering what direction to take. Then I found Ralph Keyslay. I knew after a few minutes of talking with Ralph that he truly cared about trying to find a way to help me.

Once Ralph new my individual situation, he presented me with an opportunity that was perfect for me. In a very short time Ralph has helped me fulfill a dream. I have purchased a business and can't be more excited. I am thankful that I met Ralph. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase their own franchise business and there was no charge to me for Ralph's service. His caring nature, years of experience and professionalism proved to be invaluable."

Steve Bird
Mansfield, OH

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ralph Keyslay as a franchise match-maker to help you find the right franchise fit. It was with your expert coaching and research due diligence that I found the right company to strategically partner with. Now, I have a great opportunity to start my own business-to-business franchise. The WOW feeling of being self-employed is wonderful! You are great to work with because you stayed right alongside coaching, caring and helping throughout the whole process until the connection solidifies between the franchisee and franchisor. I feel you are the best of the best in your profession because you really care that your clients gets the right fit for them so it is win-win situation for all parties involved. Thank you very much."

Mark E.
Massillon, OH

"My words of thanks for helping me find such a top notch franchise would hardly be enough to show you how excited and thankful I am to finding such a great opportunity. The franchise does not do a lot of advertising of their concept on many of the franchise for sale web sites, so a Match Maker like you is the only way I could have found out about them. As you know, I was very motivated to own my own business and after last week's training I am more than confident in my decision to have purchased the franchise you introduced me to. As you remember we crossed paths back in September or October when I was looking to roll my retirement money over to start a construction business. When that fell through I emailed you on Sunday, you called me Monday and Tuesday and by Tuesday afternoon I had my first phone call from the franchisor! Because of your willingness to help me out in October it was easy to get back in contact with you in December. I really appreciate the list of questions I received from you that I used in asking questions to the current franchise owners, that was a big help. Ralph I hope you keep working as the Match-Maker because in my honest opinion you do a tremendous job at it. Thanks again and good luck."

Dave H.
Chillicothe, OH

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the help and guidance that you provided to my family. I felt my career was at a standstill and I was not satisfied. I started searching for information on various business ventures with no real luck; it was actually a very frustrating experience, the territories, fees, sales calls, became extremely time consuming and really made it difficult to find the right information.

The first conversation we had was straight and to the point, what my interests were, how much was I actually capable of comfortably investing in this new business and where did I want to operate. That was all it took for you to find three excellent choices for me to investigate further. One week and I had narrowed it down to one, now three weeks later I am the owner of a fantastic service franchise that in one year will more than likely become one of the top franchise operations in the country.

WOW - your professionalism and experience is a huge asset to people like me who have no experience in this type of search. I know I would not have found my fit without you!"

Jerry S.
Cleveland, OH

"Despite years of previous franchise experience, I recognized up front that I needed a professional that could target my search for the right business. I contacted Ralph Keyslay and we talked about many options and what was the "right" match for me. Ralph asked all the right questions and it was not long before we ended up focusing in on the right business. The more Ralph told me about the organization and how it matched up well with my previous experience, it made more and more sense every day I researched the opportunity.

Yes, I could have gone on-line and looked at site after site, but it made more sense to work with someone who knew what was out there to find me a business that fit my experience and background. The process saved considerable time, got me to where I wanted to be and put me on the track to success."

Glenn H.
Concord, OH

"Ralph and I first connected in December and by January I had decided to work for myself. Ralph and I had several discussions about my personal and financial goals before even starting to look for franchise opportunities. By doing that, he was able to understand my needs and expectations when researching a business for me.

Ralph recommended to bring my wife into the discussions and that was critical for the success of this project. Ralph engaged both of us and listened to our ideas and concerns. Once we filled out Ralph's profile form and shared with him our objectives he came back with several options for us to consider. Some of Ralph's skills and qualities are summarized as follows:

1. Listening skills - ability to understand the needs of his clients and always respect points of view and taking into consideration "all" our needs not just "some" of them.

2. Initiative and follow through - once Ralph understands your objectives, he will provide a wide range of options for you to compare and learn about different business models; some of them may not look as a good fit at the beginning, but all options presented had some merit and we considered them all.

3. Operates with discipline - one critical aspect in the matching process is not to rush into conclusions or decisions throughout the whole process, so he has a system and if you follow it, it will render the results you desire. Critical for the success is that us as clients have to trust the system.

4. Embraces change - Ralph completely understands that needs and expectations of his clients will sometimes require to change the course and he is willing to do it with you. In our particular case we were already working on another franchise opportunity and he helped us to evaluate it the same way as if he had brought it to us.

5. Technical mastery - Ralph has developed a network of business professionals that will help you throughout the process. This includes relationships with many franchise companies and also people that specialize in financial funding if that is required.

I honestly believe that having Ralph on our side since the beginning made the process less stressful and enjoyable. I would recommend Ralph anytime and in fact, I am in the process of bringing him a client in the near future."

Luis F.
Mason, OH


"I met Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor, by pure luck. Working with him was the best decision I have ever made. I was researching franchises trying to figure out how it all works and requested information on franchising. Five minutes later I received a phone call that would change my life! I had an idea of what I wanted to do but was not sure how to go about it. Ralph went above and beyond to make my dream a reality. Through his network of franchise and funding companies, I was able to get in touch with the right people to make owning a franchise a reality. Ralph was always there to answer any questions, help with my anxiety and was diligent with all the necessary steps I needed to start my new franchise."

Brian H.
Mcalester, OK


"Ralph, I wanted to write and thank you for all the time you put into me and your patience. I had no idea what I was looking for when I began searching for a new career. I just knew I needed a change and that I wanted to be my own boss. You took me through the process and guided me along the way. I learned so much. You were able to help me focus my search with your knowledge of the franchise industry and you took the time to get to know me.

As my life situation changed, you didnt give up on me or my dream. You were able to help me adapt, make new suggestions and ultimately help me to discover the perfect business opportunity for me and my family. I am so excited about this next phase of my career and my life. You were able to guide me through every step and stage of the process, prepping me, counseling and encouraging me. You took an overwhelming "pipe" dream that I knew I wanted but didn't know where to start and made it a reality. Thank you!"

Lisa M.
Ottawa, Ontario


"My partner and I were looking to venture into a food franchise, but were not sure what type or which company. We wanted to get into a young, fresh and exciting concept that was new to our area. Ralph Keyslay helped us find that "golden nugget" with a meal preparation business. The whole process of having Ralph help us find the right franchise, coaching us throughout the process and the actual purchase took only 5 weeks! We had previously spent months and months researching and could not find a business that came even close to interesting us. Thanks for all of you "match-making" help - we couldn't of done it without you!"

Lisa H.
St. Helens, OR

"I have owned several businesses over the past 15 years and sold them all. Now I want to go back to business ownership and find a franchise where I could make an income for retirement as I lost most of the money I received from my former business and had little money to invest. Ralph found me a franchise that I could afford and one where I could help customers with the knowledge that I had acquired over 15 years. I highly recommend Ralph."

Thomas P.
Woodburn, OR

"Ralph, I really appreciate the role you've played in this franchise project - we wouldn't be at this step without your call and introduction to this master franchise business. What a great opportunity and a super group of talent. We're very excited to hitch our cart to this freight train of a team and franchise company. I'm sure at some point I'll make it out to the Northeast, and when I do, I owe you a good beer or two!"

Erik B.
Portland, OR

"From the first phone call, Ralph took the time to get to know me which quickly allowed us to build a rapport and work well together to find a business that met my needs. Throughout his process, I felt well supported, advised and never pressured. This made it a lot easier for me to ask a lot of questions. In the end, Ralph helped me find the business that I am confident will work well for me and my family and, I know I can still reach out to him if I need help. I would be happy to recommend Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor, to anyone looking for the right franchise from amongst the thousands of options. Great job! Thank you."

Mike K.
Portland, OR


"I had been working for the same company for 22 years. As of the last couple of years, the stress of corporate America and the politics on the job were becoming unbearable to the point where it was making me ill; both mentally and physically. I could not sleep at nights, I would be sick, had knots in my stomach, I was depressed, it was affecting my marriage and basically I knew that I had to do something ... otherwise the job would kill me! Even though I was scared of leaving the company I'd been with for over 2 decades, I knew that I had to do something.

I have a love for automobiles and decided that I wanted to do some type of automotive franchise. I had attempted to do the research myself and talked to some companies, but felt highly pressured right from the get go and felt that all they wanted to do was to sell me, rather than first seeing if this was the right fit for me.

Then I ran into Ralph Keyslay and he explained to me his service and how he worked. I liked the sound of what he did and how he could help me. He told me that it usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks for him to assist me in finding the right franchise ... one that I would enjoy operating, would work well in my city and I'd have the opportunity to be successful at. He spent good quality time with me, asking lots of questions, learning what made me tick, what was important to me, my goals, the demographics of the area that I had planned to open the new franchise in, the sort of income I wanted to make and several other factors. As he said he would, he stuck by be the whole time, found a company that was a perfect fit, coached me through the whole process and all of this in exactly one month!

The thought of leaving my job that I had known for so long and the fact that I had no prior business experience made the project scary enough. But with Ralph's professionalism, dedication, experience and commitment to help me through this new experience and coaching me throughout the whole process, made it all the more manageable and bearable. Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Ralph - I appreciate all your help and guidance ... if it had not been for you, I'd still be at my job with an ulcer or in an "institution! This has and is a life changing experience for me; I am looking forward to my next chapter in life. Thanks again!"

Craig S.
Alburtis, PA

"I was unemployed for 6 months when I ran into Ralph Keyslay. I was vice president of a national mortgage company and was down-sized. During the half year of not working, I decided that I did not want to go back into the mortgage business nor stay in the corporate world. As I was researching on the web, I found a lot of companies and ideas, but nothing really seemed to fit. When I spoke with Ralph, I told him that I was interested in a food concept, but after getting a good education about this industry, I realized that it was not for me at all.

After spending some time and getting to know me, Ralph came back with several ideas, one of which I really liked and wanted to further investigate. Ralph introduced me to the right people at the franchise company and then stayed by my side for the next several months. Not a week went by that we did not talk or communicate via email. He coached and helped me through the entire process. When we first started working together, Ralph told me that the process normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks. In my case, since I am very detailed oriented, analytical and take my time with major decisions such as this, it took substantially longer. However, he never once rushed me or tried to speed the process along. He was always very patient, accessible and took the time to work with me at MY pace. It's so hard in this day and age to have people work with you on your time line and be enduring - Ralph was great in this regards, not to mention all of the knowledge he provided me. After four months and falling in love with the franchise, I was ready to move forward and purchased the franchise.

One example of Ralph's help...I was planning to use my retirement monies to fund the new franchise, but was not happy that I would have to pay federal taxes as well as penalties. Ralph introduced me to a company that specializes in helping new business owners roll over the retirement funds to purchase a new business, while not having to pay the taxes and penalties. This worked out great and saved me $40,000!

Ralph - you were awesome to work with! Without you, I would have wasted a lot of time and money or would probably still be sitting at home reading business opportunity magazines and surfing the web for the right concept. Thank you so much."

Mike B.
York, PA

"After 25 years of working in the corporate world I was looking for a new business venture but wasn't sure where to go or how to proceed. Ralph responded to a franchise questionnaire that I had submitted.

My background is in the shopping center industry and as such I have seen a lot of franchises over the years but I still wasn't sure which one would be right for me. Ralph explained to me that his role was a franchise match-maker, he would listen to his client and after doing the research, he would provide direction and suggestions to the client that would fit their backgrounds.

Throughout the whole process Ralph has been very accessible, a good listener and easy to speak with and relate to. He has an ability to identify with his clients and provide sound business options and a course of action. Ralph has definitely been a big help in working through this life changing process. I believe that I am on the right path and am looking forward to my next career. I would without hesitation recommend Ralph to anyone interested in looking for a franchise of their own; he can make sense out of what can be a very confusing and difficult process."

Ernie B.
Johnstown, PA

"As I began looking for alternatives to my profession and another career choice after retiring, purchasing a franchise looked to be a very attractive option for me. I did some diligent research on my own and found the perfect niche. BUT, and this is a very BIG BUT, I needed some questions answered and some assistance was needed. A franchise Match-Maker named Ralph Keyslay was there for me. He garnered all my questions and concerns ranging from being "Scared of making that Big Jump " to minor issues of time management. A Franchise Consultant is there to make sure everything is a perfect fit for your personality, your lifestyle, your hopes, your dreams and try to inform you as to the advantages and disadvantages of certain aspects of the franchise business world. I truly appreciate Ralph Keyslay for the time he spent with me and I feel the friendship is there for good. I will continue to seek his advice and friendship because I know he will help and assist me in making a wise and correct choice. Mr. Keyslay will not sell you a franchise BUT he will make sure everything is directly in front of you so that a correct and proper decision can be made by you. Thank you Ralph Keyslay!"

Randy S.
Mechanicsburg, PA

"I was looking for a franchise and filled out an inquiry. Ralph contacted me right away and began asking some questions about my background and interests. In short order, Ralph was able to help me find the right franchise business. It was a big decision for me, but after a few months I decided I was ready to move forward. Ralph stayed in touch with and coached me throughout the whole process, answering questions and advising me along the way. I have now become a business owner and look forward to a successful future. Thank you Ralph for all of your help."

Larry D.
Canonsburg, PA

"Changing careers is a very difficult task. So is trying to decide which franchise to invest tens of thousands of dollars in. I was very lucky that I found Ralph Keyslay and the difficult became easy.

Ralph asked me lots of questions and truly heard what I had to say. Even though I was going to run the new franchise, Ralph made sure my wife was involved in every step of the process. I would strongly recommend Ralph to anyone thinking of starting a business. He will definitely guide you in picking the right franchise for you and your family."

Daniel S.
Langhorne, PA

"Luck has been described as the moment Preparedness and Opportunity meet. I feel very lucky to have found Ralph Keyslay as I began my franchise search in earnest. Ralph's invaluable service, assessed my skills, determined what I wanted to accomplish, introduced, then managed a step-by-step process to business ownership at my pace. His weekly follow-up, coaching on next step preparation was individualized for my learning growth. Without Ralph's help I would still be looking and assessing opportunities in the vast world of franchising. I would not have found this great company without his introduction. Ralph, it has been a pleasure! I will recommend you to anyone serious about finding a business that truly fits their dreams and needs."

Rick W.
Erie, PA

"When you are searching for the business opportunity or franchise that is the perfect match for you, one of the best business decisions you can make is to ensure that you find someone with the knowledge, tools and experience to help you through the selection process. This alone will help you avoid costly mistakes saving you both time and money.

I was very fortunate to find that individual when I made contact with Ralph Keyslay very early in my search and evaluation. With his help and guidance I have been able to sort through the vast amount of information available to find the right business for me and to successfully establish the framework for my new business venture.

Thanks Ralph. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure.

You're the Best!"

Steve. T.
Aldan, PA

"I'm writing this to enthusiastically recommend Ralph Keyslay as a mentor for anyone interested in pursuing franchise opportunities. I was very fortunate to happen upon Ralph's services and I'd like to share the value I enjoyed. After a few years as a Vice President in the corporate world I was yearning to spread my wings and own my own business. I had grown tired of office politics, approval processes, changes in leadership and decided that I wanted to be the one making the major decisions that would determine my success.

A franchise seemed appealing to me because I could have executive decision making power while still having the support of a corporate office. I had done some research on starting a business on my own and determined that this would have been too overwhelming a venture. Along with that I knew that the success of franchise businesses is very high, as there is already a proven system in place which you just need to execute. Where I stood was that I knew I had interest in a franchise business but had no idea what type of business to explore. If you look online for franchise opportunities it's just an onslaught of information that is too much for someone without a background in the franchise industry to sift through.

The antidote to my feelings of being overwhelmed and my lack of direction regarding my search was Ralph Keyslay The Frantrepreneur Mentor. Going through the process with Ralph was incredibly helpful because he keeps you on task and grounded throughout the process. We started with a lengthy discussion about my career experiences and what my passions were through a lot of very thoughtful questioning on Ralph's part. Following this exercise he came back with several options that with his experience, he felt were good matches for my skill sets and interests. He did very well as two of them I was torn over in terms of which to finally choose.

One thing that Ralph suggested which I think is paramount to this process, was to have my wife involved from the very beginning. Realizing that whenever you make a decision to venture into your own business there is always some risk involved and Ralph's experience told me that inclusion was essential. I knew my wife was going to have anxiety over this process. Ralph included my wife as a partner in this process and helped her to feel very comfortable with each step we took. Several times my wife asked for us to call Ralph so she could feel more comfortable about whatever issue we were dealing with at the time. Time may have been the greatest value Ralph gave to us. We must have talked to Ralph for countless hours by phone, whether it was discussing how to respond to questions with the franchisors or how to present yourself at a discovery day or what questions to ask franchisees during the validation process. Whatever the task, Ralph had the right preparation for us.

In the end it only took about six weeks after leaving my previous position to find the right opportunity that fit my skill set, my passion and that my wife felt comfortable with as well. Ralph guided us through an incredibly deep dive vetting process whereby at the end of the process I felt I knew most anything that I needed to know about the companies of which I considered joining. This six week vetting process was good for me for a few reasons. First, it was a full time job vetting companies which for me was a welcome daily routine. Second, my intense search process put me in a position with a new opportunity to be seeing cash flow sooner rather than later. One thing that is nice about Ralph is he'll adapt to the person so he's willing to go as slow or as intense through the process as the individual needs.

As an additional note, when I would speak with the franchisors they told me that I was lucky that I had found Ralph. It was clear their perception of Ralph was that of a leader in the field. I would hear comments such as "he is in the top 1% of franchise mentors out there". How right those comments were. I was lucky to find the right person to coach me through an important life changing decision and I recommend him without hesitation to put you in the right hands as well."

Marc S.
Pittsburgh, PA

"Ralph Keyslay did a fantastic job helping me to find a franchise business. He was always available to answer questions at almost all times of the day. Each time I spoke with Ralph he showed a lot of respect, patience and willingness to help; always explaining things step by step and making sure that all my questions were fully addressed. He is very exceptional in doing what he does. Ralph is very easy to work with and what I liked the most was that throughout the process of trying to find a business for me, he was very motivational; I almost gave up at one time but he helped me stay positive and focused.

I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone looking to find the right franchise. Thank you Ralph."

Kingsley, L.
Erie, PA

"I came to know Ralph Keyslay as I was searching for a franchise. I was at a crossroads in my career and he provided me with a clear perspective and pointed me in the right direction. His support and knowledge offered me guidance in determining what I was searching for in a business. He also provided me with tools to thoroughly explore the opportunity and to show my potential to the franchise company. I consider myself fortunate in having met Ralph and can assure you that you will have the same positive experience as I did."

Robert R.
Ambler, PA

"Ralph, it was a pleasure to work with you! You helped me to find and choose the best franchise. Through your system of profiling personality traits, you seemingly knew before I did, the decision I would make. Your hands on coaching style made me feel comfortable during the entire experience. I will strongly recommend you to anyone searching for a franchise. You've exceeded my expectations and I thank you for your service!"

Brian S., CPA
Wernersville, PA

"Why Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor?

There is no one reason you should work with Ralph. In my experience, it was a variety of his expertise that helped me launch my new venture.

Something made me click the button for information. A hunch made me call him back. We hit it off immediately. It turns out we had a lot in common philosophically and in terms of coaching.

That really helped my comfort level and his understanding of my goals, objectives and vision for the future. The process played out EXACTLY as he described to me, from both a timing and emotional standpoint. He also added some out of the box insight in terms of financing that I hadn’t considered.

I knew I needed to make the move, but Ralph helped me overcome the self-doubt and little man in my head to take each next step necessary.

Bottom line, this would not have happened without Ralph and his expertise, guidance and mentoring. If you are like I was and on the fence, do yourself a favor and call him. He can get you across that finish line!"

Joe R.
Collegeville, PA

South Carolina

"When I retired from working after 31 years, my wife and I were looking for a franchise to run in our spare time. We were considering several types of franchises available and could not really decide what would be the best fit for us. We contacted Ralph Keyslay and told him what we were looking to do and Ralph pointed us into what I would call the most perfect franchise fit for us and the area that we live in. Ralph put us in contact with the right people and pretty much directed us through the process of getting started with our franchise."

Michael O.
Sumter, SC

"Ralph Keyslay helped me find my forever career and I made a good friend in the process. After making a franchise inquiry, I was contacted by Ralph. Through the course of several conversations, Ralph expertly guided me through the process of determining the best fit for my situation, personality and life goals. Ralph verbalized what I hadn't even considered. Ralph stated that he felt I wasn't really looking to start all over with what would be my fourth business, but rather I would be better suited to helping others achieve their life dream of business ownership. He suggested I investigate Master Franchising and made an introduction for me. Each week Ralph would call to check on my progress, offering pointers and advice along the way. These conversations were instrumental in leading me to the final career I'll ever have.

I truly cannot thank Ralph enough. His leadership and growing friendship have made this a delightful and exciting experience. He is the consummate professional. He is honest and straightforward. A man you can trust because he only wants what is best for his clients. I look forward to working with Ralph in the coming years as I grow my Master Franchise territory.

May you always have calm seas Ralph!"

Andy H.
Moore, SC

"As a son of a self-employed father, I always dreamed of owning my own business one day. After researching franchises, I spoke to a certain mentor for advice. As I continued my research, I inquired some advice regarding the financing side of owning a business. On the other end of the phone was Ralph Keyslay from The Frantrepeneur Mentor...a franchise match-maker and mentor himself. Two strangers starting to discuss franchises and how to finance them. On that day, I did not know the friendship that would transpire. Within the first couple of phone conversations, he introduced to me a business that I was drawn to. This industry attracted me because I had some similar background experience through my father's business. Going above and beyond, Ralph took me through his process and introduced me to some other franchises as well.

In the days ahead, we had some short conversations regarding some questions I had. Other days we may have talked for an hour or longer. For a phone call to discuss business, we sure learned a great deal about each other, our families, our passions, our hobbies and what we wanted out of life. What I wanted out of life has become a reality and it could not have come true without the help of Ralph Keyslay.

Thank you Ralph for your mentoring and friendship!"

Scott B.
Hartsville, SC

South Dakota

"I began my franchise search in the right place. The first person I spoke with was Ralph Keyslay, an experienced franchise consultant who takes the time to find out about who he is working with and what they are trying to accomplish.

He guided me through the processes, answered many of my questions before I even asked them and when I did have a question, he listened carefully and gave a thoughtful, pertinent answer. He knows what he is talking about and I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone interested in looking for the right franchise to purchase."

Hank L.
Rapid City, SD


"I had already started investigating a franchise but was still researching other companies in order to keep my options open. I then came across Ralph Keyslay. He asked questions, listened to my goals and then suggested that I look at a particular company that may be better suited to my needs. I did so and quickly realized that it was a superior opportunity for me. Within a month I had purchased the franchise and now I am on my way to training. Thanks so much for all your help."

Rosemary C.
Oneida, TN

"Thank you for your franchise match-making help. You found a wonderful opportunity for me that I would not have found for myself. I was sure I had the right franchise already selected but you found one that was a better fit for me. You walked me through the process and guided me with your experience and knowledge of both ends of the franchising business. Your list of questions for my validation calls was especially helpful. It was a pleasure working with you and I have already recommended you to a close relative. I am confident in my franchise choice and I am grateful for your service."

Dan H.
Talbott, TN


"I was working with a different franchise broker group and at the end of my rope. They had offered me a few alternatives and seemed to be intent upon placing me in one of their few suggested franchises, even though none of them seemed right for me.

Then by chance, I ran across Ralph Keyslay. After a lengthy, but beneficial conference call, Ralph encouraged me not to settle for what I didn't really want. He presented me with other viable alternatives including competitors to those franchises I was already considering.

Ralph took the time to explain more about franchising, the companies, the industry etc., than the other brokers did. He continued to go the extra mile by providing value added services and sound advice. He even steered me towards financing options for my business. Ralph was always very accessible to me and he was eager to help me through any aspect of my search.

With Ralph's help, I believe I have found the perfect franchise for me and I look forward to prosperity. I'm not certain that I would be at this point, if I had not met Ralph. Thanks a million, Ralph!"

Phil G.
Justin, TX

"In searching for business opportunities, I was contacted by Ralph Keyslay. He explained his services and asked a lot of questions to understand my background, needs and desires. I initially looked at master franchising, but put that on hold, as I was in the middle of relocating. After some more conversation, Ralph found me a great business that would be a superb fit. Ralph was a very good resource and provided a great deal of guidance. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to make an informed decision about their future."

Steve V.
San Antonio, TX

"I contacted Ralph Keyslay in early January to help me in my search for the purchase of a franchise. My wife and I spoke with Ralph regarding our interests, expectations and financial resources for this investment. This process was very helpful as he explained the manner in which he could offer assistance and ensured that my wife and I were seeing self-employment in a comparable manner.

Ralph offered several top-notch franchises for my consideration, based on the information he had gathered about my interests. He walked me through the investigation and due diligence process, and did so without pressuring me to select any particular franchise or pushing me to make a quick decision. During this time he also introduced me to an organization that offered financial services, and a resource to rollover an IRA I owned that would allow the funding of a franchise. My experience with this organization was excellent.

In the long and short of it, in late January I purchased a franchise that was recommended by Ralph. This is my first franchise purchase and the guidance was very helpful. Certainly there are an extensive number of franchises and business opportunities available and an individual can approach any or all of them independently. For me, the vast number of potential franchises was the problem. I appreciated the objective and informative approach Ralph took in walking me through the process. The purchase experience has been a great experience and I am happy to recommend Ralph's consulting service to anyone looking into a franchise or business opportunity."

Mike L.
San Antonio, TX

"I met Ralph Keyslay during one of my many 'businesses to buy' research projects. I have been looking for a business to allow my entrepreneurial side to flourish for many years. After reaching the empty nest phase and having the option to take on a higher level of risk (no corporate paycheck), I started researching biz opportunities once again.

Ralph contacted me based on a form I filled out and began working through the process with me to see what business options would be suitable based on my interests, finances, etc. He was intuitive and empathetic with quick professional responses on what avenues I might want to consider. He pointed me towards an industry that I liked and also provided me with companies who specialize in creative small business financing options.

I am now on my way to the American dream, leaving the corporate world behind, being my own boss and utilizing my skills to become a successful business woman. I am glad Ralph is the one who responded to my inquiry. He is a professional and an expert in this field, who cares about his clients and their futures."

Pamela M.
Austin, TX

"Like most people, I started my search for a franchise on the Internet. I had several ideas in mind and I was certain I knew what I wanted. During my search, I came across Ralph Keyslay. He asked me many questions and determined my life style and financial goals. Ralph asked me to complete a confidential questionnaire, which I did. He presented several franchise options and I became very interested in one particular concept. It seemed to match my lifestyle and financial goals extremely well...much better than the original ideas that I had. The investment was less than I expected and Ralph also guided me throughout the entire process.

I would strongly recommend Ralph Keyslay to anyone wishing to start a franchise business. He continues to stay in touch even after completion of the sale."

Felix G.
San Antonio, TX

"I had been praying for help in making the decision on a new franchise and Ralph Keyslay helped me see the benefits of working with him to find the right franchise for me.

I have been a franchise owner for 15 years, but looking to do something different and with Mr. Keyslay's direction and encouragement, I was confident in my decision to purchase a franchise through his guidance.

Purchasing a franchise is a huge decision for anyone and you want to feel comfortable and confident in whom you work with; Ralph is the person I felt that with.

I would recommend Ralph to anyone who is trying to figure out if pursuing a franchise is right for them and also to have him help you to find the right franchise. If you want to be successful and happy with your choice of a franchise, choose Mr. Keyslay to work with you as I did and you will be happy with your decision. I am thankful to God that Mr. Keyslay helped me through this difficult process."

Jack R.
Kennedale, TX

"Exiting the job market and entering the franchise industry can be a difficult transition. Without adequate support it can be almost impossible. Although many folks have an entrepreneurial spirit at their core, they often find a comfort zone allowing someone else to profit from their hard work. In my case, a constant lure to re-enter the job market knowing you will be in the same place in a matter of time. As challenging as it is to let go, one must also face the often shark infested waters of franchising.

A match-maker like Ralph Keyslay is key to help you negotiate this passage safely with your personal desires intact. The franchise world has developed far beyond McDonalds and is a fragmented, complex industry. Without a seasoned guide, an individual could get themselves in trouble by making a poor choice based on bad data or emotions. You need a counselor, coach and guide who has been there before, helped others and has a passionate heart with your best interest in mind. Staying on track is key and having a mentor to show what I call "tough love" is instrumental. I would offer a high personal recommendation for Ralph. Through this process I have found a business I believe in and a friend I can trust for the future. Thanks Ralph!"

Walter W.
Mansfield, TX

"Ralph Keyslay was instrumental and helpful in helping me come to terms with partnering with a franchise. He reached out to me in a very professional, straight-forward manner, and from the very beginning, we connected well.

Throughout the whole process, he was impeccably responsive, timely, and thorough. He was also sincere and candid with all of his communication. In retrospect, I was probably more thorough and even skeptical than most, but Ralph's patience and follow-up helped tremendously.

Without reservation, I would recommend him!"

Nick T.
Frisco, TX

"Ralph Keyslay is a rarity in today's business world. He does everything he says he will do, and more.

I was fortunate in that I became acquainted with Ralph early in my new career evaluation process. Ralph gave me the roadmap for locating and evaluating potential franchise opportunities during our first phone conversation. He then immediately followed up with a plan in writing. Within a few days I was evaluating several franchises. Interestingly, I had never heard of any of them prior to Ralph presenting them to me.

Throughout the entire process Ralph provided leadership and mentoring. It's amazing how simple he made the process and, as a result, how simple the ultimate decision was for me to make. I actually felt good writing the check to the franchisor!

I do not believe it would be wise for anyone to go through the process of buying a franchise without having an expert at your side. Ralph is THE expert you want working for you! And, as hard as it was for me to believe, it cost nothing to utilize his talents."

Steve N.
Southlake, TX

"My husband and I had been researching franchises for the past year and I was really discouraged thinking there just wasn't anything out there that seemed right for us. In response to an inquiry, Ralph contacted us. From the very first phone conversation I felt like I had known Ralph forever - he was so easy to talk to and share ideas with. He spent considerable time learning about us, our career backgrounds, what was motivating us to make some lifestyle changes, and the financial and time commitments we were willing to make. Ralph listened and in return asked us to be open minded about the companies he brought back to us. Within a couple of days he brought to the table three companies for our consideration. After in-depth visits with two of them it became more and more clear the direction we should go. Our entire process of working with Ralph was four weeks and we have purchased the franchise that is perfect for us. We will be leaving for training tomorrow! Without Ralph, I am convinced we would still be browsing through franchise magazines and searching online with no positive results. Ralph is such a professional in doing what he says he will do - he is the perfect Franchise Matchmaker and it is evident he loves what he does! If you sincerely want a franchise that is well tailored to you, don't hesitate to take advantage of Ralph's knowledge and "gut instincts" about the business of franchising."

Paula and Ron C.
Lubbock, TX

"In searching for the right franchise business, I decided to work with a franchise consultant. It turned out that there was a lot about the franchise industry that I did not know!

Ralph was great in setting up a personal time-line for me and encouraged me to trust the process. He explained in great detail what I could expect along the way. I kept an open mind as Ralph quickly gained my trust. I now have found the perfect business opportunity for me and my family and it is one I never would have discovered had it not been for Ralph and his insightful guidance.

I strongly recommend taking advantage of the many tools that a franchise consultant can provide. The ultimate decision in investing in a franchise was all mine, but with the support of a knowledgeable franchise match-maker like Ralph, I now have a greater sense of confidence in starting the next chapter of my life.

Thank you, Ralph!"

Nancy D.
Dallas, TX

"It was a pleasure working with you when I was in the due diligence phase of researching a franchise business opportunity. You helped me gain the insight I needed to make an informed business decision...without being pushy. Your understanding of franchises and the industry helped me to better understand the opportunity being offered. You answered all my questions promptly and with clarity. Your follow up calls, to be sure I was on the right track, kept me moving in the right direction.

Your coaching was greatly appreciated. It made the validation part of my due diligence go smoothly. Finding a good business is tough. Having a franchise consultant like you working with me made this a fun, interesting and educational experience.

Thank you Ralph."

Al G.
Richmond, TX

"Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Your guidance, knowledge and experience has been invaluable. I am truly thankful and grateful for your all your help throughout the process. Finding you was a God-send!"

Eddie T.
Keller, TX

"Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Your guidance, knowledge and experience have been invaluable. I am truly thankful and grateful for your all your help throughout the process. Finding you was a God-send!

I had been looking to get out of the corporate world for a long time and to be my own boss. I stumbled onto Ralph on the Internet while searching for some type of self employed business or franchise to buy. I am glad I did.

Ralph was so helpful presenting different types of franchise opportunities that, based upon several in depth conversations with him, would fit me and my interests. He offered a lot of advice and suggestions to help me choose the right one. He really knows his business.

I highly recommend Ralph to anyone looking to buy a franchise business and I would certainly call on Ralph if I had to do it again.

Thanks Ralph for all your help!"

Mike P.
Georgetown, TX

"I felt comfortable talking with Ralph from the first time we spoke. He is very perceptive and has a very engaging way of asking the right questions. I guess that comes with his years of experience and understanding of people's mind set once they have set out to look for a franchise business. Ralph was professional and personable. After a couple of conversations, we discovered that we had much in common on a professional as well as a personal level. I do believe that karma had a lot to do with how everything worked out.

Thank you very much Ralph."

Rocco I.
Tomball, TX

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank Ralph for his support and coaching throughout my search for finding the right franchise business opportunity. As someone new to the business world, I did not have any idea where to start nor how to go about landing a new opportunity. I had experience managing large projects and was used to working with big companies as well as the power structures associated with them.

Ralph has a very good sense of how to figure out personalities and character traits. He was able to quickly see where someone like me would be successful and suggested several options. I considered all of them except for one.

On a regular basis, Ralph coached and mentored me with key elements of the franchise selection process; from our first meeting, all the way to the day I formally committed to the franchisor. He also told me what the franchisors would typically look for and more importantly, how to approach certain conversations and situations. His timely advice about obtaining the right funding source for my new business was also helpful.

I would highly recommend Ralph hands down when it comes to finding the right franchise business and also having someone by your side guiding you through the process."

Karthik G.
Sugar Land, TX

"I want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" Ralph from the bottom of my heart for your help, guidance, mentoring and patience with me throughout the process of searching for the right franchise business. You're a wonderful person with a good heart and genuine desire to help people. It's been a wonderful experience working with you and I am happy with the franchise choice I finally made with your help and coaching.

Before you came along, I had talked with many consultants during my search for the right franchise but didn't think that there was something out there to fit my situation. That thinking was erased as soon as I started talking and working with you. You took the time to understand my situation and presented opportunities to match what I was looking for. You made time for me, were always available for calls and questions, even at odd times. You coached, mentored and provided advice like a friend. You provided funding advice that became very crucial and timely. For that, I am also grateful.

I can definitely, without any hesitation, recommend you to anyone looking to find a great franchise opportunity.

Thanks again for all your assistance."

Jolly M.
Cypress, TX

"Where to start? Four months ago when I got a hold of you, I had no idea I would be a franchisee owner today.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and all that you have done for me over these last few months. Our countless conversations and the ease in which you talked about the franchises were unbelievable!

Not once did I ever feel that you were pushing me to make a quick decision to buy a franchise. As a matter of fact, you did warn me, buying a franchise will not be something that happens overnight.

You were my mentor in this project and soon we became friends. I felt that you were there for me every step of the way and was very comfortable asking the dumbest of questions; you had answers, whether I wanted to hear them or not. Actually, all your answer were true and honest.

I also appreciated the way you asked if you could include my wife Tammy, in our quest to obtain a business. I feel that the final decision was easier to make for us, because we were always both on the same page throughout the process and understood what we needed to do.

I want you to know how thankful and blessed we feel to have been associated with you. We will never forget how you helped and encouraged me in making a lifelong dream come true.

So, I guess I will end by saying how fitting that this week is Thanksgiving, and you will never know the gratitude Tammy and I will always have for you. To you and your family, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and I’ll call you after my training is completed."

Hank W.
Lake Jackson, TX

"Ralph Keyslay is a very experienced franchise consultant. He has a long list of connections and is one of the most knowledgeable within the franchise industry. His 30+ years of experience can be seen very clearly during the first conversation. He takes time to know his client and also does a great job with identifying opportunities. Since Ralph has gone through this process many times, he’s able to flawlessly coach new people such as myself. When I first met Ralph, I didn’t know what franchise I was looking for. I actually was looking at an opportunity that wasn’t right for me. Thankfully Ralph was able to pair me up with the right company. I would not have been in this position if it wasn’t for him. If you want to work with one of the best, then consider Ralph Keyslay as your personal franchise consultant."

Ray H.
Rosharon, TX

"When Ralph and I first spoke, I was not expecting the outcome. I gave him a general idea of what I was looking for and what I was trying to accomplish. At first, I wasn't sure how things were going to work out, but then after going through the process and Ralphs' recommendations, he found me a great franchise. I was very surprised with the matches he provided but am glad that I just decided to go through the process and trust that Ralph knew what he was doing!

I am very excited and look forward to the new journey of being in business for myself. Leaving my company after being in the corporate world for 15 years was very liberating!"

Christine R.
Fort Worth, TX

"Ralph Keyslay was a life Saver for when my wife and I were looking to purchase a franchise. He made it so very easy for us and the time it took him to find us a great business was amazingly short.

We had spent 6 months researching franchises and could not quite find the right fit. Ralph found us the right franchises to consider in only 3 days...WOW! Ralph was full of knowledge to help us through this new process and held our hands every step of the way. Great follow up and communication skills.

Ralph also introduced us to a program that allowed us to use our 401(k) to purchase the franchise without having to pay the normal distribution taxes and penalties...that saved us a lot of money!

If you want to quickly find the right franchise, I tell you to look no further; THIS IS YOUR GUY...HE'S AWESOME!

I was very impressed with Ralph and one more thing I will say about this gentleman...he also became a friend to me and my family. Ralph THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Mathew & Joey B.
Houston, TX

"Starting the right franchise is easy. Learning what to do (and not to do) on the way there is not. Finding and working with Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor, definitely gave me an experienced person to guide me in the right direction on every little detail of what to expect and what I needed to do AND in what order. I avoided several mistakes by working with Ralph and saved weeks of time by following the process he set up specifically for me. I came to Ralph expecting some assistance on an idea I already had. Instead, he worked with me on discovering an even better franchise that suited me far better. He also had many tips on how to best handle every situation I would run across during the process and provided reasons why I should handle it a certain way.

I don't know if all his clients were as needy as me, but he was always there to bounce ideas off of and provided excellent feedback and suggestions. I always appreciated having him in my corner, as he always seemed to have my best interest in mind. I would strongly recommend Ralph to help you find the right franchise and coach you through the process."

Jason B.
Vidor, TX

"Working with Ralph was what I needed to land the right franchise for my personality and what I felt supported my purpose. Trying to figure things out on my own wasn't easy, but connecting with Ralph helped calm my fears of the unknown. I also appreciated his patience with me as a novice as he guided me step by step to accomplish my goals. Thanks to Ralph and his expertise, I am now a new business owner and I would recommend him to anyone looking to find the perfect franchise!

Thanks again Ralph!"

Marisa T.
Humble, TX

"When I finally decided to leave the corporate world after 22+ years, I knew I wanted to do something on my own but wasn't exactly sure what that could be. I didn't really even have any specific industry picked out. Nevertheless, I started to research various small business opportunities out there and luckily stumbled upon Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor at I had already visited numerous websites by that time but hadn't found anything truly compelling. That changed immediately when I browsed through Ralph's site as I felt it was different from the others and gave me a good gut feeling.

I reached out to Ralph via email and was delighted to get a response within an hour. Before I knew it, Ralph was calling me, and the rest is history! Ralph's subject matter expertise, demeanor, communication style, and humor put me at ease right away and I felt he really understood what I was looking for. After the initial call, Ralph collected detailed information about my background and interests and before I knew it, he had put together the first list of interesting franchise opportunities within my reach. After some further discussions with Ralph, he connected me with the right people to talk to, provided me with guidance and expertise about franchising when I needed it, and also looked into some opportunities that I had identified on my own. Although I was nervous about making a big professional change in my life, I felt confident that I was doing the right thing because of Ralph's very personal guidance and support based on his long coaching and mentoring history in this space.

With Ralph's help, I was able to narrow down my options and eventually pick the one franchise that I was 100% comfortable and happy with. In addition, Ralph also provided connections for my financing needs and even gave me general advice on small business ownership, office equipment, and even on some backyard barbeque! LOL!

I know for certain that if I didn't come across Ralph's service a couple of months ago, I would not be now in a situation where I am getting ready to launch my own franchise! I truly hope I can refer others to Ralph as he was a lifesaver for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ralph!"

Toni S.
North Richland Hills, TX


"Ralph was excellent to work with. He was always available to answer my questions. When I started working with him, I had some franchises in mind which didn't really meet my needs, but which were exciting. He was able to listen to me and find franchises which I would never have considered on my own, but which were a much better fit for my skills and lifestyle. He was patient and stuck with me even though I took a long time to work through all of the information and finally reach a decision.

Thank you Ralph!"

Ken W.
South Weber, UT

"I feel lucky I met Ralph in my search for a better opportunity. He listened closely and understood where I was at and then recommended a perfect fit for me. His experience as a coach and trained professional helped me to have a high level of trust from the beginning. He spent ample time making sure all of my questions were answered and still gives me an open door opportunity to keep learning from him.

Thanks Ralph, I look forward to working in my new business!"

Clyde M.
West Jordan, UT

"I just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for all you have done for me. I could not have found my perfect franchise without your expert help.

When I called you last summer to help me search for the right franchise, I had very little faith. I had already spent months on my own trying, but nothing appealed to me and I was getting the run-around dealing with franchisors on my own. You were an absolute God-send. You got to know me, my background, work experience and found the perfect franchise. I thought that since I was in retail management all my life, I had to stick with retail. You had other plans for me and opened my eyes to think outside the box. You have a wonderful gift, matching folks up with businesses they otherwise would not consider. You really are a great Franchise Match-Maker!

I would seriously hope and recommend that anyone looking into owning their own franchise business, would use you to help them. You have all the right connections and know all the franchises out there, even the ones I would never have found on my own. Anytime you need a reference, I would not hesitate to give you one.

I also wanted to thank you for sticking with me for so long. Financing my business took a lot longer than I thought, but you stuck with me through it all. I so appreciate your weekly calls to me and your words of encouragement. I do not know of anyone that would have been as dedicated as you. I will never forget it. If I can ever do anything for you, all you have to do is ask.

Thanks a million!"

Judy S.
West Jordan, UT

"Without much direction, my wife and I first started looking at fast food type franchises. While conducting Internet searches we found The Frantrepreneur Mentor (Ralph Keyslay). Ralph performed his assessment and gave us other options, suggesting several franchises which we never would have considered without his recommendation. Later, I found out that there are other franchise consultants out there, but what Ralph does that separates him from the others is he doesn't stop after making the introduction between client and franchisor.

Ralph would schedule phone calls with us on a regular basis to discuss strategies and to check on our progress; he gets very involved. Ralph is also very experienced in doing this and immediately gave us direction to start on the financial end of the franchise purchase (great advice). He has several well experienced counter parts that he connected us with in various fields to support financing, 401(k) rollovers, corporation generation, etc. This was very beneficial to us as we wanted to open ASAP and there were multiple roadblocks that were overcome which came from the assistance of those experienced referrals that Ralph provided.

Ralph gave input, suggestions and direction the entire time including small details such as what is the typical dress code for Discovery Day and he even provided a list of questions to ask other franchise owners for the validation process. I had no idea what any of these things were to begin with and I'm telling you, having an experienced, involved, professional to guide you through the process is a valuable asset!

The franchise we had focused on seems to have a large following and at Discovery Day (the day of meeting the key people at the franchise company) there were 6 other candidates participating. I felt we were better prepared than the others although they all also had franchise consultants. At the end of the day, the Vice President of the franchise company asked about financial plans to purchase the franchise if awarded. Of the 6 parties, my wife and I were the only ones prepared to move forward immediately. The VP told me that he felt our preparedness was impressive and he said "I don't know who your franchise consultant is but they have done an excellent job in guiding you". We purchased the franchise and moving forward I know my relationship with the VP and other key people is important. Ralph gave us a step up on the competition and a good start for doing business with our franchisor.

To summarize my experience in purchasing a franchise, I have learned that the price of the franchise is not negotiable and using a franchise consultant doesn't cost you anything since they are being paid by the franchisor for providing referrals. I feel it is a huge mistake not to use a consultant. That being said, I am testifying that by using Ralph I had better support and gained more confidence from the franchisor than the other competing parties in my group. I was well prepared throughout the process and knew what to expect before being asked. At the end of the day my franchisor identified the support I was given by Ralph as being impressive and I feel an observation of my support group in this way is unusual and speaks highly of Ralph which reflects on me. I highly recommend Ralph and offer to personally discuss the benefits with you upon request; this is the least I can do to repay the guidance and support given to me by Ralph.

Thank you and best regards."

Keith and Adrina C.
West Jordan, UT

I am almost wrapping up my training at the franchise company. I want to say thank you for helping me find this franchise. I appreciate how you communicated with me throughout the entire process. I will definitely send people your way to find the right franchise for them. You helped the process go smoothly.

I appreciate the commitment you made to help me find this great opportunity.

Thank you."

Gerald C.
Spanish Fork, UT


"Working with Ralph Keyslay was a very critical step in finding the right franchise for me. I came across Ralph while trying to dig my way through several franchises. He was not pushy, but simply asked the right questions that helped me to realize which opportunity was best for me and my family. In the end, he suggested the franchise that offered the most potential in a home based business that I was truly interested in and one that I could afford. He was also helpful by pointing me to the right company that assisted me in using my 401(k) to fund this endeavor without having to pay taxes and penalties. I highly recommend Ralph to anyone that wants to discuss various franchise options and have him help you find the right business. It's well worth the time spent."

Mel G.
Fredericksburg, VA

"I would recommend that anyone looking to start a new franchise business to first find a professional who has been trained as a 'Franchise Match-Maker'. I am so happy I found Ralph who not only helped me identify the types of businesses I wanted to learn more about, but also became a friend. I could tell he wanted me to find the type of business that I would enjoy and have a high degree of success in (he definitely cares).

Ralph was able to sift through all of the information he received from me and locate several franchise business opportunities that were a good match for me, both financially and professionally. At the end of the process, Ralph helped me feel very comfortable with my final decision.

I purchased the business opportunity that Ralph suggested I look into and because of his process, he kept me very focused. The Internet has thousands of businesses that are available and it can be a very frustrating and time consuming process to try to find and eliminate the ones that are not the right fit. I think the end result for many people is that they decide to give up their search.

Thanks again Ralph for your patience and the time you spent keeping me on track. I feel I should have paid you, but as you told me right from the get go, your service was free. I would recommend everyone to seek the advice of a Franchise Match-Maker; it is a free service and they will eliminate a lot of frustration for you."

Michael H.
Virginia Beach, VA

"I appreciate all of the time you spent with me over the past couple of months helping me determine how best to move forward with my desire to own my own business. Unlike the other franchise brokers that I spoke with, I found you to be very patient and straightforward. I never felt that you were pushing me in one direction or another and you were very responsive to my concerns. As you know by now I am the type of person that needs to think my way through something before I do it and the insight and information you provided me was invaluable in helping me do that.

I feel confident that the path I have chosen is the correct one, thanks in large part to your assistance. I would feel very comfortable recommending you to other prospective business owners. As you know this can be either the best or worst decision someone can make and having you as a guide will help your clients ensure that they are making the right decision. I consider you to be a friend as well as an adviser, so please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to repay the favor.

Thank you."

Jim P.
Ashburn, VA

"Working with Ralph was a great experience for me. I'm new to owning my own business and Ralph helped me throughout the whole process, always being available, coaching me and returning all of my communications. I was difficult to work with, but Ralph remained professional at all times and was very patient with me. He was there from the beginning right until the closing. I was lucky to find Ralph and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for the perfect franchise."

Carl H.
Staunton, VA

"I can say that working with Ralph was an enjoyable process. He is a total professional with vast knowledge in the field of franchising, but more than that, he cares about his clients. He takes the time to get to know you and your goals and works hard to match you with the best opportunities. I would recommend him to anyone, including friends and family, who wants to start their own business."

Joe S.
Housatonic, VA

"Thank you so much for all your assistance in my pursuit of a franchise business. From the beginning, I felt you were invested in me and committed to helping me find the perfect match. You listened, offered advice and made perfect recommendations; you were with me throughout the entire process.

With your guidance and professionalism, I am even more convinced that I made the right choice and I owe a lot to you. Without any hesitation or reservation, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a franchise consultant in assisting them to find the perfect business.

Thanks again for all you helped to change my life!!"

Vonneva C.
Chesterfield, VA

"After serving 24 years in the US Navy, I knew I wanted to start my own business by becoming a franchisee. I started doing research and looking into franchises on my own. The process was not easy and I started to become very discouraged until Ralph came along.

I had the great opportunity to meet and work with Ralph Keyslay as a Franchise Coach and Mentor. Ralph immediately provided me with a Core Values Index Assessment and he took the time to get to know me as well as understand my personal goals. Through all his great knowledge, wisdom and franchise connections, I was able to narrow my franchise choices within a short time. Ralph also put me in contact with professionals who assisted me with creating my business entity and funding my franchise using my retirement plan.

I would like to say a big 'Thank you' for all you have done for me in finding my franchise and supporting me throughout the project. I couldn’t have done it without you! Your coaching was awesome! I highly recommend you to anyone interested in finding and purchasing a franchise.

Thank you Ralph!"

Antoine C.
Chesapeake, VA


"Through my interaction with Ralph Keyslay, I have found him to be very experienced in his field and a wealth of knowledge to his profession. Ralph has been generous with his time and invaluable with his suggestions. I am looking forward to working with him for years to come, as my association with Ralph will most certainly have many benefits to me."

Thomas Walter
Bellevue, WA

"After 20 years of working in the corporate world and experiencing a recent downsizing, I decided to take a different path. As I looked for what that path would be, I found Ralph Keyslay. Ralph is the consummate franchise consulting professional. He took the time to understand my background and how I got to this 'fork in the road'. He made me feel at ease with the process of finding a franchise that was the perfect match. Throughout our time together, I always felt Ralph had my best interest in mind and quick to respond to my requests. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing the assistance of a franchise consultant."

Jose I.
Vancouver, WA

"Ralph was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and helped guide me to the perfect opportunity. His approach was very professional with absolutely no pressure. I was initially thinking of a certain franchise opportunity but through my discussions with Ralph, I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted and Ralph helped me get there. I am truly thankful and grateful to have worked with Ralph and am able to say that I am now a business owner and am my own boss. I am excited about the opportunities ahead and I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for Ralph Keyslay and the consulting work that he does. Thanks so much Ralph!!!!"

Deb G.
Olympia, WA

"After a lengthy career in IT, including 18 years as an IT Director in both public- and private-sector organizations, I knew I needed to do something different. However, I did not know “how different” my next opportunity should be. Starting over at my age and experience level did not seem possible if I was continuing to work for others. After some contemplation, I decided to turn to franchising as a relatively safe option for opening my own business.

Enter Ralph Keyslay, The Frantrepreneur Mentor. I spent considerable time with Ralph as he got to know me and understand what drives me. He quickly (within a day or two as I recall) identified several franchises that had available territory where I live and that matched up with my profile. Then he guided me through the process of researching the critical success elements of each of these companies so that I would be able to determine which of them would be the best fit for me to run. I quickly focused on a small group of companies (four seemed right to me) and then set about the research. Essentially every few days I would move another of these companies to my “back-burner” list until I was left with one company that I am very excited about. It is the farthest business from Information Technology that I could imagine and I never would have explored it without the guidance from Ralph. I almost certainly would have missed out on this great opportunity because there are just too many franchise opportunities to explore on my own.

In slightly less than four weeks, I went from overwhelmed to a franchise agreement. I expect to begin serving customers in another six weeks because the company is expediting things on their end to meet my requests. I had a great experience and I know that I would still be floundering without Ralph’s guidance."

Randy A.
Puyallup, WA


"After leaving my job, I responded to an email about purchasing a franchise business opportunity. Before the day was out, Ralph had contacted me by both telephone and e-mail about a way to finance that opportunity. I didn't respond right away, but Ralph continued his efforts to reach me. Ralph's perseverance paid off for both of us.

Once I began to work with Ralph, I realized he knew his way around franchising. After taking the time to get to know me through many phone conversations, he was able to find some good opportunities for me. During the discovery process I learned a great deal about these franchises, both from Ralph and the franchisors. Because of his coaching and preparation, I knew what to expect as I explored these opportunities.

Despite my decision to move in another direction, Ralph continued to work with me to find another opportunity, one that was perfect for me. He walked me through the process and shared his experiences with me. As a result I am very pleased to say that I am now in business for myself. Franchising is complicated and overwhelming to pursue on one's own. Having Ralph as a coach, partner and franchise 'Match-Maker' made the difference for me."

Dave L.
Waukesha, WI

"I would like to share my very positive, professional experience with Ralph Keyslay.

First, I have to go on record and state that I have read almost all of the client testimonials that are on Ralph's website. Words like professionalism, honesty, patience, courteous, trust, outstanding guidance, sound advice, expert coaching, integrity, are just some of the words used consistently throughout the testimonials. And the testimonials conclude with phrases such as, 'Thanks for all your great help, ideas, coaching and wisdom; couldn't have done it without you!', or 'Thanks for helping me find my niche', and another, 'I would recommend anyone looking for a franchise to work with Ralph because his only concern was what would be in my best interest.' Clearly, the end result of Ralph's work is that the 'Match-Maker' provides a pleasant and professional experience in fulfilling the expectation of his clients, by finding the right franchise opportunity.

Ralph spent two months in providing me mentorship and guidance, during the time I was investigating a business opportunity that he put me in touch with and that I decided to purchase.

I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone who is in search of expert consulting advice (with the highest degree of professionalism), regarding the franchise business industry. He has helped me, and is truly one of a kind. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with him."

Randy H.
Fond du Lac, WI


"Just wanted to say thanks for guiding me to the master franchise career that fits my wife Deb and I.

When I set out to change careers, I had in my head what I wanted to do and started marching forward. When I found you, we started sorting through things, and you led me to something even more lucrative than I had set my sights towards. I owe much of this guidance to you and the Core Values Index assessment that you have in place. Between that and your guidance, I feel confident I've found a career that is not only exciting for me but I get to help people. Looking back on my previous business of 18 years that was the piece I enjoyed the most, helping others succeed.

Thanks again and I will keep in touch."

Scott H.
Cheyenne, WY